Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 969

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Chapter 969

I waited to see Shan Lin!

After hearing this earth-shattering shout, everyone in the entire airport hall suddenly felt enthusiastic.

Shan Lin!

This name seems to contain magical power, making everyone involuntarily tremble.

This is more than that.

At this moment, Elvira and others felt a tingling scalp when they saw the dense crowd of big bosses bowing.

Gods of Two Great Wars!

The number one, the richest man, the eight chaebols, and more!

Almost every one of them was taken out, it was a stomping, the whole Jiangnan trembled, and now, bowing to one person together and worshipping devoutly, this kind of scene is too shocking.

This is more than that.

Everyone saw that the eyes of the two giants, Longshuai and Hushuai standing at the forefront of the crowd, actually showed a trace of moisture.

They stared straight at this windbreaker forest seat as if seeing their relatives.


The two great war gods, kneeling on one knee together, covering their hearts with their hands:

“Blood Dragon sees his king!!!”

“Blood Tiger sees his king!!!”


After the two loud roars resounded, everyone in the hall felt their scalp trembling even more.

My king?

My God, the man in the black trench coat is just a Chinese forest seat, everyone bows, and respects, everyone can accept it.

And now, the two great horror war gods of China actually kneeled on one knee in front of him, covered their hearts with their hands, and calling him the king!

This is shocking.

“Blood dragon! Blood Tiger! They are in the blood, do they all come from that mysterious and terrifying blood prison?”

Chang Yuan in the crowd was completely stunned after seeing this scene.

Bloody words come out.

Among the forces he knows, the most famous is the Blood Prison.

And if Dragon Commander and Tiger Commander have come from the Blood Prison, then they call Shan Lin the king, doesn’t that mean that Shan Lin’s true identity is the King of Blood Prison!


Thinking of this, Chang Yuan was scared to pee.

“Ok… terrible! That’s it!”

“Just the two members of the blood prison are the two gods of China! The king of the blood prison is terrible, and how strong will the other members of the blood prison will be!”

Chang Yuan saw a ghost look on his face at this moment, and he almost didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

And aside!

Baishan’s family looked at Chang Yuan with all doubts and asked:

“Senior, are you okay?”

Elvira and others couldn’t believe it, how could Chang Yuan scare like this.

And hearing this.

Chang Yuan took a deep breath and smiled awkwardly at Elvira:

“I’m fine! I just saw that this Shan Lin looks so much like your husband, Shaun, that’s why I’m so ghoulish!”


Elvira’s face darkened when she heard Chang Yuan mentioned Shaun.


My husband and this Shan Lin are so alike.

But they are different.

Shan Lin is respectfully called king by the gods of the two wars!

And what about Shaun?

Thinking of this, Elvira shook her head bitterly and didn’t say much.

And seeing Elvira’s look, Chang Yuan understood her thoughts, and quickly continued to add fuel to the fire:

“Elvira, you don’t need to be angry with Shaun anymore! Being afraid of death is a human instinct. Although Shaun is a bit crappy and has no abilities, he is at least good to you!”


In every word, Chang Yuan labeled Shaun as useless.

However, Elvira, Baishan, and Paula had a slightly weird expression after hearing this, but they did not answer.

Shaun is awkward?

It’s a joke!

That guy is violent, beyond your imagination.

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