Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 984

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Chapter 984

Chang Yuan was ashamed and angry.

Especially after feeling the gazes of the Shen family and Elvira and others around him, he felt the fiery pain on his face even more intense.

He has just spoken.


The second youngest, Yang Mingpeng slapped again:

“I don’t care who you are? How dare you abstain me from doing my business!”

Second slap!

Chang Yuan’s heart was furious. While clutching his aching cheeks, he stared at Yang Mingpeng and shouted angrily:

“You dare to beat me, I will call someone to kill you now!”

“Tell me, what’s your name? I’m definitely going to take your skin off!”

Chang Yuan’s words were extremely harsh.

And hearing this!

Sneer at the corner of Yang Mingpeng’s mouth became stronger.

He waved his palm!


With the third slap in the face of Chang Yuan, and suddenly he slapped Chang Yuan’s eyes with Venus, Chang Yuan fell to the ground.


“My name is Yang Mingpeng! Boy, find someone! No matter who you are looking for to kill me, I’m here!”

Yang Mingpeng looked at Chang Yuan with a sneer.

After hearing the name ‘Yang Mingpeng’.


Chang Yuan’s body trembled fiercely, and he was completely stunned.

“Yang Mingpeng? You, are you the second young master Yang Mingpeng of the first-class chaebol Yang?”

For a moment!

Chang Yuan’s face was completely white with a brush.

He has heard of Yang Mingpeng’s name.

This guy is just a demon king, arrogant and domineering in Jiangnan City, he bullies men and women, and no one dares to provoke him.

In particular, behind him, there is the Yang family.



Chang Yuan’s face was extremely pale at this moment, and his gaze at Yang Mingpeng was full of panic and fear.

It was just his reaction, Yang Mingpeng seemed to have expected it, his mouth was full of contempt and gust of wind:

“You are right! I am the second young master of the Yang Family-Yang Mingpeng!”

“You can find someone now! No matter who it is, I’ll be waiting!”

These words made Chang Yuan almost scared to pee.

Find someone?

Among the contacts that Chang Yuan knew could suppress Yang Mingpeng are Tian Shao and Qiu Shao.

But those people will not be willing to help him.

“Anyway, give it a try! After all, Elvira is here, and I definitely can’t lose face in front of Elvira!”

Chang Yuan’s expression changed at this moment.

He gritted his teeth and said to Elvira and Shen’s family:

“Elvira, wait for me, I will call now to find someone for help!”

That’s it!

Chang Yuan hurriedly took out the phone and walked out of the ward.

From his scorching appearance, no matter how you look at it, it seems to be running away.

Seeing this scene!

All the people there were not sure whether Chang Yuan will find someone and settle for Yang Mingpeng.

And at the moment!

Yang Mingpeng seemed to look lazily at Chang Yuan. At this moment, his eyes turned, staring at Elvira, and said jokingly:

“You are Elvira? Tsk tsk, my elder brother’s vision is really good, you are worthy of the name of the first beauty president of Jiang City!”

“You…what do you want?” Elvira’s face was pale.

After feeling Yang Mingpeng’s hot gaze, Elvira’s face got even more earthy.

Yang Mingpeng smiled, and his smile became brighter:

“Our brother has already said that you must bring ten million for redemption!”

“However, money is not important now, my elder brother asked me to take you!”

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