Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 994

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Chapter 994


Accept it!

After hearing this, Yang Tianhao and all the Yang family members did not show any dissatisfaction or loss on their faces. On the contrary, they seemed to have been rescued, and each of them was extremely ecstatic.

“Thank you, Miss Elvira! You are really a reincarnation of a Bodhisattva!”

“Miss Elvira, our Yang family is very grateful to you!”


Yang Tianhao and all the high-level Yang family members were constantly facing Elvira at the moment.

And seeing this scene!

Jian, Taigong Shen, and others looked dumbfounded.

They saw it for the first time, begging to give away the most valuable thing in their family, and after the other party agreed, they got happy.

This is so special, it’s definitely the first time that it has made a breakthrough. If it spreads out, let alone Jiangnan, even the entire China, it will definitely be a sensation.


After Yang Tianhao and the others thanked Elvira, suddenly a lawyer from the Yang family came up with a contract.

“Miss Elvira, please sign here. The Yang family will be fully responsible for the remaining transfer procedures!”

“Guaranteed that within one week, you will become the new owner of Galaxy Tower!”

Seeing this scene!

Everyone’s gaze at Elvira was full of deep complexity and incredibleness.

It has only been more than an hour since Elvira has set foot in Jiangnan City.

Within this short time, she owns a building worth tens of billions!

When everything was done.

Yang Mingpeng, who had been in shock, completely lost.

He seemed to have lost his soul, his face was dull and shocked, and he kept muttering to himself:

“Crazy! My dad is crazy, my uncles are crazy, and all the Yang family is crazy!”

Yang Mingpeng only felt that his outlook on life was completely broken.

And hearing his murmur.

Yang Tianhao suddenly became angry, grabbed Yang Mingpeng by the collar, and shouted angrily:

“You idiot, follow me!”

That’s it!

Yang Tianhao turned around again and looked at Elvira, as if he had changed his face, showing a thick pleasing smile:

“President Elvira, we are leaving then!”

“Take care! We will be always available at your disposal for any matter!”



Yang Tianhao’s attitude towards Elvira was almost like a pug trying to please his owner, which was extremely shocking.

When all the Yang family members left.

Inside the ward, there was still depressive silence.

Baishan and Paula didn’t even react slightly. They looked at their daughter in astonishment and said:

“Elvira, did Yang Tianhao really give you the Galaxy Tower?”

“Elvira, aren’t we dreaming? How can it be a good thing to fall into this sky!”

More than Baishan and Paula.

The more amazed are Taigong Shen and Jian.

The Shen family has worked hard for decades and has made assets of more than just one billion.

But now!

Elvira earned a building in less than an hour, which is like a fantasy.

Looking at the weird looks of everyone.

In the corner of Elvira’s mouth a deep wry smile appeared:

“Parents! I don’t know what happened!”

“However, it is due to Shaun again!”



Hearing Elvira’s words, everyone was stunned, only then did they remember.

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