Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“Let’s get a divorce.”

The noble and arrogant man stared at the little woman in front of him without any emotion in his eyes.

“I will compensate you. You want money, work, and even give your mother the best doctor. I can help you.” He said indifferently.

Grace Luo desperately held back the tears in her eyes.

Jacob Zhan’s fiancee escaped from marriage at the time.

In order to deal with the media, she was temporarily arrested as a replacement bride. He thought she couldn’t resist the temptation of the title Mrs. Zhan. Only Grace knew that when she married him, she just wanted to fulfill her heart of loving him for two lives.

He would never know how much she loved him.

“I marry you, not for money.” In front of him, because the love is so deep that it is always humble.

The man’s faint eyes were stained with a mocking smile.

Two people who never know each other get married, what else can they do not for money?

“I have limited patience. If you have no special requirements, I will ask the lawyer to come to you with the divorce agreement tomorrow.” The man drank the coffee, then put the coffee cup on the table and went upstairs.

Grace’s gaze fell on the coffee cup, and her timid face gradually showed unwillingness and stubbornness.

The wind has left a sound, the geese have left a mark!

Loved him twice before, but she was not reconciled to leave.

After half an hour.

Grace went upstairs.

“Husband!” She stood at the door stiffly, shouting timidly.

Jacob’s gaze was focused on the document, and when he heard “husband”, he could not help but raised his head in surprise, staring at her deeply.

After one year of marriage, he never allowed her to call him husband, she had followed very well, but she was going to be divorced, but her courage went crazy.

“Lets Say.”

Grace said, “I can get a divorce. I don’t need a house or money, I just want a child.” Although her voice was soft, it was stubborn.

The corner of Jacob’s eyes picked up slightly, heh, it seemed that he had become more courageous.

“Me and you? Impossible.” There was disgust in his tone.

Grace estimated the time, she put a sufficient amount of medicine in his coffee, and it won’t take long before the medicinal properties should happen?

“Well, let’s be married. Even if the drama ends, I have to pay some interest and go!” Grace gave up, straightened her spine, and her humble attitude became tough.

Jacob raised his brows lightly, very good, the little sheep finally showed the fox tail?

“Grace, don’t play games with me. The price I give you will be good enough for you. If you are too greedy, you will have nothing…”

“Master Zhan, I said I don’t want money.” Grace emphasized again, with a decisive attitude, looking at him fixedly, “I want to borrow something from you.”

“What?” Jacob frowned, somewhat impatient. At this moment, he suddenly felt a bit unusually hot in his body.

“Grace, how dare you give me medicine?” Jacob suddenly understood her intentions, his handsome face sank suddenly, as if it was enveloped by thousands of years of unchanging snow.

Grace looked calm and did not admit or deny. She pressed her thin lips lightly, peeled herself clean without rush, and walked forward and posted it…

Jacob obviously wanted to resist, but the strong physical needs made him strongly embrace her in his arms.

The devil sealed in the body clamored to take him from the dark valley to the top of the cloud.

One night of spring supper, the bones were entangled.


Early in the morning, Xi’s faint morning light fell through the beige veil onto the marble floor of the room.

On the bed, the man opened his wistful eyes, and an ice sculpture-like handsome face revealed a precious and charming atmosphere.

Last night, the scene of the ups and downs of Grace was strongly loaded into his mind, and Jacob sat up with a spirit.

Lifting the bedding, on the white sheets, a few drops of blood, like blooming snow lotus, opened in front of his eyes.

Jacob’s face instantly became cold.

Damn, Grace dare to calculate him?

The slender and well-proportioned legs fell to the ground. When putting on the bathrobe, he accidentally swept something on the bedside table to the ground.

Jacob bent down and picked it up. It was a bank card and a beautiful message.

“The money in the bank card is last night’s remuneration. Since then, you and I will owe each other! Goodbye!”

The handsome face of the man who was already sullied had a hideous expression.

“Grace!” The mellow cello sound cut through the sky, and the whole building seemed to tremble with a burst of anger.

Did she pretend she was out selling?

Use his money to insult him.

Jacob’s slender fingers curled and clenched tightly, losing his blood color because of the force.

“Grace, you better pray that you don’t fall into my hands!”


In the east of the city, in a secluded rental house.

Grace was lying on a simple fabric sofa, biting an apple in her hand, but staring at the TV screen.

The host picked up her black-and-white photo, and said seriously:

“Grace, the young wife of the Zhan family, ran away from home a few days ago. No electronic monitoring equipment recorded her whereabouts. The hotels and hotels in the city did not have her ID record files. If anyone in the know knows her whereabouts, please call The show’s hot-selling call, a reward of one million.”

Grace angrily threw the apple core on the TV.

“I’m not dead yet. What do you mean by Jacob you used a photo to find someone?”

Immediately there was a wry smile, “Want to catch me, next life!”

Grace stroked her face that was very different from the photo, and said with extraordinary confidence.

Jacob only knew that she was Luo Yan’s illegitimate daughter, who grew up in a backward mountain village since childhood, so he looked down on her at all and believed that she was an ignorant and vulgar country girl.

But he didn’t know that she was a person who had lived two lives.

In her previous life, she was Irene Yan, one of the Yancheng’s four major families. She is a good student, not only a top student in the Cyber Security Department of the first university, but also from a luxurious family. She has the versatile skills of a celebrity daughter.

Her makeup skills are superb and superb, reaching the point where she can be easily transformed.

On the day she left the Zhan’s house, she left after carefully dressing up, and successfully avoided all the monitored sections of the villa.

How easy is it for Jacob to find her?

Ten months later.

Grace gave birth to three lovely babies in the rental room.

Looking at the engraved babies in the crib, two men and one woman, Grace fell into a long daze.

For ten consecutive months, the search for her news never stopped.

A proud person like Jacob, calculated to such a degree by her, should hold grudges for a lifetime.

If she is caught, Grace can think of her fate. She is afraid that he will be thrown into the sea to feed the sharks, and it will be difficult to understand his hatred!

Now that she has a child, it is impossible for her to live in hiding all her life.

Grace thought for a long time, and finally made up her mind-reluctantly cut love and steal peace for the rest of her life.

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