Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Jacob received a special gift-a baby just born.

Looking at the swaddling child who is waiting to be fed, Jacob’s handsome face is covered with a thick layer of frost.

“Where is the child’s mother?” he asked fiercely through gritted teeth, with a fierce light from the bottom of his eyes.

What qualifications did a woman who is responsible for giving birth to but not raising have to borrow her sperm to have children?

“Sorry, the child’s mother died in the hospital because of a dystocia.” The visitor replied.

Jacob’s body condensed slightly, but he didn’t say a word. For a long time, his fierce eyes were mixed with strong doubts, “Dead?”

The man nodded sadly, took out his mobile phone, and handed Grace’s remains under Jacob’s eyes.

“Mr. Zhan, this is the photo we took of her. Mr. Zhan, if necessary, I will pass it to you—”

Jacob’s gaze swept across the phone screen uncontrollably. The woman’s bruised face was as white as a ghost, and her bruised and swollen face looked like a ghost.

Who is it if it’s not Grace?

Jacob, who has obsessive-compulsive disorder, saw Grace’s death, and all his sympathy and pity disappeared.

“No need! Tell me where is she buried?”

“No. 674 Qishan Cemetery.”

Jacob hurried into the house holding the child.

Not far away, Grace watched his tall and tall back go away through the brown car window, eyes flashing with sourness.

Even when he heard the news of her death, his expression remained calm.

Just because he doesn’t love her and doesn’t care about her, so he can easily conceal it?

She should give up on him.

Two lifetimes of ardent love can’t get his heart, so why bother?


Five years later.

Outside the Capital Airport.

Grace pushed the suitcase and walked in front. She was wearing a peaked cap, huge framed sunglasses, and a dark mask.

The slapped face was covered tightly and looked very funny.

Behind her were two extremely delicate children.

A five-year-old child is taller than his peers.

The boy is wearing a red sportswear with embroidered wings on his shoulders, black slacks, and black Nike shoes. The scooter under his feet was driven by him as if he were one with him.

And the girl next to him, with double ponytails, wearing a pink princess dress, and her face was so beautiful that she was as beautiful as an elf.

Both children are like princes and princesses coming out of the second dimension.

Along the way, she received the attention of passers-by and endless praise.

“Wow, beautiful children, are they child stars?”

“What kind of parents can give birth to this kind of fairy-worthy baby?”

Luo Zihan and Luo Zitong seem to have been accustomed to these scenes. They put on the cool and handsome six-shot continuous shooting to everyone, interacting happily with passersby.

“My name is Luo Zihan, my brother.”

“My name is Luo Zitong, my sister.”

Grace heard that her twins were starting again, and could no longer calmly walk in front, turning around and raising their voice to educate.

“Derek, Faith, aren’t you afraid of being abducted by traffickers? Report your name when you see someone. For fear that others don’t know your name!”

The two children caught up with their mother. The older brother looked at Grace with a dark face, and said to Grace, “Mummy, what do you mean by putting yourself in a case? Want to be Belikov? ?”

Grace was a little guilty. She dressed up like this for fear that Jacob would recognize her.

After all, she designed her five years ago and lied to him about her death. Now she suddenly appeared in front of him. It would be strange if he didn’t kill her.

If it wasn’t for her mother who was critically ill and wanted to see her daughter and grandson for the last time before she died, she would not risk returning to this familiar city.

Grace hesitated, “What do you know, this is called a trend. It is a fashion.”

Seeing that her twin baby actually took off his sunglasses, Grace said sternly, “Put the sunglasses on.”

The two babies took out their sunglasses and put them on.

The elder brother Derek seemed to sigh, “There is a kind of cool, it’s Mommy who thinks you are cool and handsome.”

Grace breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that they put on the sunglasses and blocked the highly marked eyes.

The mother and the son, wearing sunglasses in the same frame, held hands and walked toward the airport exit neatly in a line.

Grace educates the two little babies while walking: “The domestic security is not good, and there are so many human traffickers. You must not run around…”

At this time, the airport exit.

Jacob was walking towards her, and the long and tall figure caught Grace’s eyes unexpectedly.

Grace’s heart quickly jumped out of her throat…The conversation turned, “Especially those men who look like dogs in suits and ties, maybe they are beautifully dressed beasts. Look at the other side. The man who looks like Yushu is in the wind, she is actually ruthless in her heart. He is most likely a human trafficker. How far will she hide in the future. Do you know?”

When Grace was thinking about how to avoid Jacob, Jacob suddenly raised his eyes and smiled at her.

Grace stayed on the spot, and the whole person was petrified.

No, I haven’t seen Jacob’s s3x change in five years? The face of the iceberg that has remained unchanged for thousands of years will actually smile?

And smiling at her?

Could it be that after five years of separation, he finally woke up and knew her was better?

“Jacob!” A graceful female voice shattered Grace’s unrealistic fantasy.

Jacob passed by her, because the three of them blocked the way, Jacob was forced to make a turn. Let his stretched brows frowned.

Grace sighed almost inaudibly, too, how could this guy smile at her?

He has always hated her.

“Mommy, this uncle is so good-looking, how could he be a trafficker…” Faith said with a red heart in his eyes, soft and cute.

“What do you know, people are not to be seen, and the sea is not to be measured.” Grace lowered her voice.

While pulling the child to leave quickly.

When she walked out of the airport exit, Grace couldn’t help but glance back-she saw Jacob and the gorgeous and vulgar beauty smile at each other.

Jacob also took the initiative to take the luggage for her, a gentle and considerate appearance that Grace had never seen before.

“sc*mbag!” Grace said angrily in her heart.

She couldn’t figure out what was so good about a woman with big breasts and no brains, maintained like porcelain, and shattered with the touch.

How can she be a multifunctional woman who can uncover tiles on the house, beat the rat when she goes to the floor, go to the hall and go to the kitchen, can give birth and raise, and be practical?

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