Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

When Grace was standing on the side of the road to take a taxi, Jacob and the enchanting young woman walked over.

“Step aside.”

The man’s low voice is as mellow as a cello, which makes people pregnant if they listen to it.

But, with the majesty of someone who has been in a high position for a long time.

Grace discovered that she and the children were standing in front of the front of a Rolls Royce Silver Angel, blocking their way.

Grace was dragging the suitcase with one hand, and the child with the other. She was flustered when she saw Jacob, and her retreat was a little slower—

The enchanting woman sarcastically said, “Some people don’t know what shameful things they have done, so they have to put themselves in a case. As a mother, it’s okay to wear sunglasses by yourself. Such a small child walks with sunglasses. Don’t you be afraid of tripping while walking?”

Grace didn’t get angry, thinking that if the old lady wasn’t trying to avoid this plague god, would she dress like this?

However, when she heard this, Faith on the side was not happy. In her eyes, Mommy was always right.

If anyone dared to speak ill of Mommy, Faith immediately turned into a demon from the angel baby.

At this moment, Faith slammed into the woman.

Her sunglasses fell to the ground by accident.

The woman dodged and retreated quickly, and Faith’s small body slammed into Jacob’s arms.

Faith punched Jacob with a pink fist, and said fiercely, “My mother was afraid that we would be abducted by traffickers like you, so she let us wear sunglasses to protect ourselves. You bad guys are not allowed to talk. My mummy’s bad words, my mummy is the best mummy in the world.”

Jacob raised his eyes and looked at Grace coldly, “You told her that I was a trafficker?”

Facing Jacob’s questioning, Grace’s brain was hypoxic.

Of course, her answer is yes, she thinks he is more terrifying than a human trafficker.

If Jacob knew that Faith was his daughter, he would openly ask for custody of the child.

Grace did not dare to speak, fearing that Jacob would recognize him when he heard her own voice.

If you don’t speak, it’s acquiescence.

Jacob’s face sank, this woman even slandered him as a trafficker?

“Have you taught children like this?”

Grace shrank like a quail, but she was lazy in the fight against Jacob, and at this moment, her head was spinning fast.

Faith looks like her, so Jacob may not recognize her.

But Derek is a reduced version of Lord Zhanhan, and she must not let Derek expose himself.

Grace held Derek in her arms, clutching Derek’s arms tightly, fearing Derek would lose control like Faith.

Jacob pushed Faith away and patted the place that Faith had touched in disgust. Then opened the rear seat door for the woman gentleman, and the two got into the car and drove away.

Derek, who was held in her arms by Grace, looked at the Rolls-Royce license plate number and kept it in her heart.

This uncle actually looks exactly like him.

“Mommy-why didn’t you speak just now?” Faith seemed to have been wronged by the sky, tears rolling in her eyes.

If she was bullied by others before, Mommy would definitely rush to teach those who bullied her.

“Mummy, you are like an egg today.” Son Derek took off his sunglasses and cast a blank look at Grace who was silent.

Grace looked at the sky speechlessly, she was actually rejected by the two children?

Jacob was really her nemesis, as soon as he appeared, the children’s admiration for her plummeted.

This plague god was really untouchable.

Grace took a taxi and ran to the Jinxiucheng community where her mother lives on the third ring road in the north of the city.


Inside the luxurious Rolls-Royce car.

Janice Zhan held both hands, but her eyes fell on the few “exotic flowers” wearing sunglasses outside the window, until they took a taxi and left.

Just now, Janice didn’t take it seriously.

When she saw the little girl again, a familiar face flashed in her mind.

“Big brother, the little girl just now, did you think she looked a bit familiar? Her eyebrows looked like—sister-in-law!”

Holding the steering wheel in his hand, Jacob answered casually, “Sister-in-law, where are you from?”

“Brother, don’t forget that you are a man with a history of marriage!” Janice reminded him.

Grace’s face flashed across Jacob’s head, and that face overlapped with the little girl just now.

With a stab, Rolls-Royce stopped abruptly.

Grace? The woman who made him hate?

Janice slammed forward because of inertia, and slammed his forehead against his back.

“Big brother, I’m your sister, what did you knock out of me, you have to support me forever!”

Rolls-Royce stopped by the side of the road, and Jacob rushed out of the car door, glancing at the place just now.

Janice rolled down the car window and said weakly to Jacob, “Don’t look, I saw them take a taxi just now. We go south, and they go north, you can’t catch up with her when you turn your head.”

Jacob sat back in the driver’s seat and closed the door.

Janice said excitedly, “Big Brother, so the woman just now is really the older sister?”

Jacob moved the rearview mirror directly in front of him. Through the rearview mirror, Janice saw Jacob’s cold iceberg face.

Janice couldn’t help laughing. “Only the sister-in-law has the ability to make you mad. Oh, by the way, she just slandered you as a trafficker.”

Jacob thought, this is indeed something that a woman like Grace can do.

It’s just that the rational thinking of men and the perceptual thinking of women are ultimately different. Jacob frowned, thinking about the probability of Grace’s emergence.

“It can’t be her, she has been dead for five years.” Although she said that, she didn’t know why she was faintly anxious.

“Big brother, don’t you think that my sister-in-law died very strangely? None of us have seen her remains. A photo alone cannot prove that she is dead. You think, how hardcore the current PS technology is.” Janice Immortal.

“Back then, I sent people everywhere to look for her. If she hadn’t died, our people wouldn’t find it without reason!” Jacob stepped on the accelerator, started the engine, and whizzed away.

Janice frowned and thought for a long time, “Although the Zhan Family’s tracking system is very powerful, maybe Sister-in-law is the fish that slipped through the net?”

Jacob Binghan said, “You too exaggerate that bastard daughter from the country.”

Janice said, “Although the sister-in-law is from the countryside, I always feel that since she can successfully calculate you back then, it means she is still very powerful.”

Hearing that, Jacob’s hand holding the steering wheel looked pale because of his force.

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