Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

After half an hour.

Rolls Royce stopped at the door of Qishan Cemetery.

Janice saw the four characters “Qishan Cemetery” through the glass window, and Hua Rong suddenly turned pale.

The purpose of her return home this time is to visit her seriously ill grandma. Is it possible that grandma has already…

“Is grandma here?” Janice sobbed.

Jacob corrected, “It’s Grace.”

“Sister-in-law? Sister-in-law was buried here?”

Janice breathed a sigh of relief, and then wondered, “Today is not Ching Ming Festival. Are you still coming to see my sister-in-law?”

In the next second, Janice suddenly exclaimed, “I knew you still have feelings for your sister-in-law! Otherwise, how could you give birth to a perverted genius baby like Jason.

Jacob had already taken his long legs and walked to the high steps. On both sides of the steps, large green pine and cypress trees are planted.

Hearing Janice’s words, Jacob had a meal, and his overcast voice floated in the breeze, “Jason is an accident and has nothing to do with love!”

Janice smacked her lips and said, “Why don’t you have more accidents like this? My eldest brother has such excellent genes. It is a violent thing to not have more babies.”

“Not every child is as lucky as Jason, without inheriting his mother’s inferior genes.” Speaking of Jason, Jacob’s cold handsome face has a hint of warmth.

His son Jason, not only looks like him, but also inherited his genius genes.

The five-year-old is already the top hacker in the world.

Although Janice likes nephews too, he can’t understand Jacob’s arrogant and arrogant appearance.

So unceremoniously tear down, “Yes, all your advantages and all your shortcomings have been inherited. My mother said that he was taller than you were when you were a child, and she was worried about whether he had autism.”

“Is it bad to talk less?” Jacob never felt that there was any problem with his son.

Janice sighed helplessly, “Have you never seen other children! Love crying, laughing and making noises-only innocence is there.”

Inexplicably, Jacob thought of the little girl he met at the airport exit.

“I just met. The little girl has nothing to do with being cute. If this is the innocence you said, don’t fight for suicide!”

After speaking, Jacob cast his eyes on the cemetery group to find the target tombstone.

Hearing Jacob’s words, Janice didn’t bother to argue with him.

“What’s the number of sister-in-law?” Janice asked.

“674.” Jacob blurted out.

“674? Are you going to die?” Janice complained, “Sister-in-law is really unlucky enough to get such a sad number?”

Janice didn’t see it, but Jacob had a long back. The handsome face was immediately covered with a haze.

The air pressure around it seems to have dropped a lot.


Go to hell?

There is such a meaning?

Is this number a coincidence or an artificial arrangement?

If it wasn’t a coincidence, it was that Grace’s dead woman deliberately pretended to be dead, and the director deceived him with a play of Jin Chan’s escape?

When Jacob found the real cemetery numbered 674 and saw the name carved on the tombstone, Jacob froze completely.

Sure enough, he was tricked by Grace!

The tombstone is engraved with a line of dragons and phoenixes: Tomb of Irene!

Irene, how could it be her?

When Janice came over and saw the three words “Irene” on the tombstone, she couldn’t help but yelled.

“Brother, it’s Sister Irene.”

Jacob stared at the tombstone, and he felt incredible how Grace’s tombstone became Irene’s tombstone.

Irene is a beautiful lady with poems and books, but Grace is an illegitimate daughter from the country.

How can two people who can’t have a relationship with each other be the same tombstone?

“Brother, 674 is the graveyard of Sister Irene, where is my sister-in-law buried?” Janice asked in a daze.

Jacob’s eyebrows spread a sneer, “I think she is not dead yet, but she is not far from death.”

When he catches her, she must die thoroughly.

Jacob stared at the cemetery for a while, with nostalgia and reluctance in his eyes.

It took a long time to get up and leave.

Back in the car, Jacob called his assistant to go out. “Find a way to get the patient Huang Zhixiu’s family members to transfer her to Media Asia Medical Center as soon as possible!”

On the other end of the phone, Assistant Guan Xiao was obviously stunned for a long time.

Huang Zhixiu is the mother of the late young lady.

He remembered that when he found the young woman’s mother, he had asked the president for instructions. The original words of the president at that time were: I will pay for her treatment, but I don’t want to hear any more about her in the future. “

Why did the president personally intervene so quickly?

“Yes.” Guan Xiao replied.

Hanging up the phone, Jacob’s lips curled up with a sneer.

Janice shivered, and seeing Jacob’s sly expression, she knew that Grace was going to be out of luck.


Grace settled down in Fairview City.

That night, Grace received a call from the hospital where her mother was.

The other party informed her that because her mother’s condition suddenly worsened, she advised her to transfer her mother to the Nephrology Department of Huanya Hospital as soon as possible.

Media Asia Hospital, that is Jacob’s property.

Grace suddenly lost consciousness.

She used to make up her mind not to step into the realm of Jacob forever, but now she knows that things are unpredictable!

However, Jacob may not remember her?

Grace was lucky enough, so she plucked up the courage and decided to go to the Media Asia Hospital.

the next day.

To be on the safe side, Grace changed her usual ladylike style and kept the look of killing Matt.

Wearing a dirty braid, drew trendy makeup, black eye shadow, and exaggerated aunt-colored lipstick applied beyond the lip line. Then wearing funny round-frame sunglasses, she took a taxi to the Media Asia Medical Center.

When Grace delivered her mother’s case to the registered doctor, the registered doctor looked at Grace intently, and then clicked the mouse slightly…

Suddenly, Jacob’s cell phone sounded a siren, and he almost immediately grabbed the cell phone beside him.

After seeing the message displayed on the screen of the phone, the thin s**y and charming lips made a touch of evil loneliness.

“Grace, let me see where you go!”

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