Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Media Asia Medical Center.

Jacob first came to the monitoring room, and a young man greeted him as soon as he walked in and reported to him:

“Shao Zhan, the patient’s information entered our system 20 minutes ago. According to your instructions, the person who delivered the information has been tracked electronically throughout the entire process. But you see, this woman looks very different from the photo you submitted. …..”

Jacob’s eyes were locked on the computer screen, the young man moved the mouse, and a woman dressed up to kill Matt appeared on the screen.

Jacob frowned and looked seriously at the woman with a dirty braid, a mouth full of blood, and cat eye shadow, trying to restrain her inner discomfort.

“Zoom in!” Jacob ordered.

Grace’s face was magnified on the screen, and the high-definition picture made her face more clearly recognized.

But there is still no flaws…

Jacob’s eyes narrowed slightly.

How did Grace escape the net of heaven and earth that she had laid back then?

He may not know how she escaped the global wanted, but she played very cleverly in her final trick of fake death.

Thinking of losing to an ordinary woman like Grace, Jacob’s self-esteem felt ashamed and humiliated.

“Guan Xiao, tie his to this young master.” Jacob’s thin lips sneered evilly.

“Yes.” Guan Xiao left.


Grace sat on the bench in the corridor, anxiously awaiting the doctor’s final judgment.

She didn’t understand why the doctor had so many inexplicable excuses regarding her mother’s admission application.

For a while, she said that her mother’s indicators were problematic, and then she said that there were too many patients with Media Asia and there were no extra beds, and then she was asked to go outside and wait for a while.

In order to receive timely and effective treatment for her mother’s illness, Grace had to wait for the result with imperfections.

Suddenly, several men wearing sunglasses and black uniforms approached her.

Grace had a foreboding. Just as she was about to stand up and go around, on the other side of the long and narrow corridor, several men in the same costume also appeared.

“Miss, please come with us.” Guan Xiao took off his sunglasses and smiled politely.

Grace then realized that she came to Media Asia just to get caught.

“Who are you? Why should I follow you?” Grace pretended to be calm.

Officially, Guan Xiao reminded, “Miss don’t force us to do it. Our people are rude and may remove Miss’s arms and legs accidentally.”

This is the threat of Chi Guoguo.

But Grace knew that the group of bodyguards around Jacob were the best people.

So she simply gave up resistance and followed Guan Xiao.

At the entrance of the lounge, Grace was stubbornly reluctant to go in. Guan Xiao opened the door and pushed her a little.

Jacob sat on the black rocking chair, blending in with his black suit, all with an aura of noble pride.

Since Grace entered, his eyes have been locked on her face.

“The sink over there, go and wash your face before coming back.” Jacob commanded her strongly.

Seeing his arrogant attitude, Grace’s anger was immediately hooked out.

“Sir, it is a woman’s nature to love beauty, and your request seems very unreasonable and very rude.” She deliberately pretended to be dumb.

Jacob suddenly leaned forward with a bad tone: “Sorry, I can’t get your beauty.”


“Flowers are all red, and people are different. You can only say that your aesthetics are too niche.” Grace remained motionless.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to wash it, I’ll let my people wash it for you.” Jacob’s voice was soft as jade, but Grace was as cold as the bone marrow after hearing it.

“No need!” Grace stood up, “wash it, just wash it.”

She walked to the sink angrily, turned on the faucet, poured cold water on her face, washed a few times, and walked in front of Jacob.


Jacob looked at the unchanged painted face, frowned, and couldn’t help reaching out his hand to touch the colorful colors, “This is waterproof paint?”

Even after touching the colorful makeup, his fingers are still very clean.

“Give you three minutes, immediately, immediately, clean your face. Otherwise, I will let my people help you peel off the skin——” The voice was so cold as to put Grace into the ice coffin For others to admire.

Grace sat down on the sofa opposite him and said bitterly, “I can’t wash it off.”

“Come on!”

The door was opened, and a group of sturdy men walked in from the outside, standing beside her in two rows.

Grace was dumbfounded, and began to stammer, “No…just…remove some makeup, as for…does the teacher move the crowd?”

Jacob gave them a wink, and several tall men reached out to Grace rudely. Someone pinched Grace’s neck, and Grace’s breathing suddenly became difficult.

Another person picked up a bottle of makeup remover and sprayed it on Grace’s face. Stabbing Grace’s eyes hurt.

Some people took out a toothbrush and scrubbed Grace’s face.

The last person took a bottle of mineral water and poured it on Grace’s face.

“They are all civilized people, why are they like savage monkeys that haven’t evolved?” Grace cursed angrily without stopping.

Under the rude reception of the men, Grace’s face slowly revealed itself.

Jacob looked at the increasingly familiar face, Bingberg’s face pulled out a hideous expression.


After the men took off her makeup, they finally let go of Grace and left in an orderly manner.

At this moment, Grace looked like a chicken, her face was wet, and the cotton and linen skirt on her body was half impervious. In addition to being embarrassed, she was still embarrassed.

“I’m Grace, you have the ability to bite me!” Grace was anxious and waved her fist at Jacob, she was really angry.

This person Jacob didn’t know how to Lianxiangxiyu five years ago, and he didn’t know how to Lianxiangxiyu five years later.

Jacob looked at Grace who was anxious, and a sneer filled his eyes.

This woman used to be as meek and well-behaved as a puppet, dull.

Unexpectedly, the essence is a black-bellied squid!

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