Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1010

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Chapter 1010

Jacob kneaded the prescription into a ball. “It’s all about the itchy disease.” Irene was relieved, “That’s good.” Jacob pulled Irene to Irene and exhorted: “If she doesn’t like those pills, then it’s her. For her, isn’t happiness more important?” Irene drooped his head and sighed: “My sister’s eye disease was originally caused by emotions. If the anxiety and depression can be relieved, she may get better soon. But in the past few years, she has flowed too much for my short-lived brother-in-law. Tears, so…” Before he finished speaking, Irene pinched him hard. He was very dissatisfied with calling Jacob a “short-lived brother-in-law”. Irene changed the conversation, “Thank you for helping me enlighten her. Let’s go first.” “Yeah.” Jacob nodded. Irene helped Irene to leave. Jacob watched the brother and sister leave, and vaguely heard Irene’s fierce voice, “Aren’t you wasting my time? I came to the hospital and didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice…” Jacob frowned. Not only was Irene very worried in her heart. Her kind of girl made of water, but she has a big brother, maybe her life will be difficult? Irene got into the elevator, but cheered excitedly, “Big Brother, I just hugged him. He didn’t push me away!” Irene handed her a deadly expression, “I saw it. He is always different to you. Not only does he allow you to hold him, but the look in your eyes is particularly wretched.” Irene raised her eyebrows, “Insufficient? Obviously you are petting, right?” Irene said: “Is there a difference? Anyway, the numb look in my eyes made me get goose bumps.” Irene immediately laughed happily. After Jacob sent Irene into the elevator, he looked down at his prescription. The doctor said that to relieve his hygienic disorder, he also needs to take some nerve-suppressing drugs. Originally he wanted to wrong himself for Qiulian. But he doesn’t know why, because Irene was unwilling to take those drugs, he also had the idea of giving up. “If you can’t get what you want in this life and spend the rest of your life with the girl you like, then look forward to the next life and keep this good skin bag to see her again.” Jacob walked home desperately. When he returned home, Qiulian saw him empty-handed, her eyebrows that had been flying sullenly. “Husband, didn’t you go to the doctor?” Qiulian was a little uneasy. She naively thought that Jacob went to the hospital and the city’s doctors were highly skilled and would surely be able to cure his quirks. At that time, she can be a real couple with him. Unexpectedly, he returned with empty hands. Jacob sat on the sofa, his eyes calmly falling on Qiulian’s disappointed face. “Those medicines have many side effects. They suppress nerves and make people look out of shape!” Before he finished speaking, Qiulian burst into tears, and Ai Ai complained, “If you are afraid of getting out of shape, you will give up treatment. Don’t you just let me stay a widow?” “You are already a man’s wife and father, what do you want to do with such a good-looking figure? Or, you have a double heart for me, do you still want to find other beautiful women outside?” Jacob was silent. Qiulian’s accusation was not unreasonable. He did, on a spiritual level, seemed to have derailed.

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