Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1011

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Chapter 1011

Qiulian waited for a while, and when she saw him not speaking, she sat next to him, covering her face and crying.

Gu Ying felt sorry for her again, “Why is my life so bitter! I thought I could count on you to live a good life, but you are cold-hearted, I dig out my heart for you, and I can’t warm your heart.” We have been a husband and wife for so many years, and you don’t want to sleep with me?”

Jacob was upset by her crying, “Qiulian, shall we divorce?”

Qiulian’s cry stopped abruptly.

Stared at a pair of copper bell-like eyes in horror, looking at Jue Zhan Han in disbelief. “I knew, you must be someone outside. That’s why the wings became hard, so I thought about throwing me off so I could talk to others, right?”

Jacob weakly explained: “I don’t have one. I just don’t want… to wrong you.”

Qiulian suddenly cried hoarse, “I don’t believe it, you are cheating. You like the woman in the portrait, do you think I don’t know? Also, they all say that you are now taken up by a rich woman and you have money. You want to abandon the wretched wife. Isn’t it?”

Huzi burst into tears when he heard his mother’s cry.

Jacob walked up to the tiger, picked up the tiger and comforted the child, “Baby, don’t cry.”

But Huzi was hostile to him, punching and kicking him, and then struggling to land on him, ran to Qiulian and cried with his mother.

Jacob looked helplessly at the mother and son, using his method to resolve family conflicts, and said: “Qiulian, I will only say this once. Even if I am in despair, I would not choose to eat soft rice. You believe Just believe it, don’t believe it. If you and me are married, the sense of trust should not be so weak. If you can’t tolerate my physical problems, I can only let you go. Of course, I will not treat you badly.”

Qiulian sat on the sofa holding her son and sobbed, “I don’t believe you, but you always hide everything in your stomach after an accident. What do you do and how much money you make, you never want to I share. I follow you, and I always feel that your heart is not with me, and you are insecure. You still talk to me about divorce… What do you make me think?”

A hint of doubt flashed in Jacob’s eyes: “Isn’t it this temperament before I got into the car accident?”

Qiulian said, “Although she’s also taciturn, she won’t be like a stranger like me. She has a cold face all day long and doesn’t care about me. Where are we like a couple?”

Having said this, Qiulian suddenly moved to him and sat down next to him. “Husband, let’s not separate tonight, okay?”

Jacob looked at her sideways, and his relaxed heart suddenly suspended.

Instinctively wanted to refuse her, but seeing Qiulian’s eager face, Jacob bit his head and nodded.

Qiulian wiped the tears on her face and smiled with tears, “Then I will put my son to bed early tonight.”


Qiulian took her son to the children’s room, closed the door, and sang a few nursery rhymes for him, and the child fell asleep.

After Qiulian came out, Jacob sat at the piano and played the song “The Flower of the Other Side”.

Qiulian found a sexy pajamas, with a shy smile in her eyes, and went into the bathroom.

When Jacob heard the sound of splashes from the tap, the expression on his face suddenly became tragic. There is a feeling of “the strong man is gone and never returned”.


The key in his hand was pressed hard to the end.

This was supposed to be light and singing “The Flower of the Other Shore”, and it became thunderous and thrilling.

In the bathroom, Qiulian was standing under the bath flowers, her expression also became intriguing.

She scrubbed her body’s tender and white skin vigorously with the bath flower, as if she was going to rub off this layer of decayed and old skin, and then let it appear as white and flawless new skin.

Just like a newborn baby, pure and flawless.

Originally, it was a habit of bathing for half an hour, because considering his hygienic disorder, Qiulian took a bath for an hour and a half.

When she came out of the bathroom, she walked to him with a smile, and asked softly: “Husband, why do you only play this piece?”

Jacob said: “Tomorrow I will go to class with the employer’s children.”

Qiulian nodded as if she didn’t understand, “Is it unfamiliar? Then you play a few more times.”

Jacob removed the bank card from the piano board and handed it to Qiulian, “This is the one-year salary that the employer paid me in advance. Take it.”

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