Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1012

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Chapter 1012

Qiulian was a little embarrassed, “Husband, in fact, you don’t have to tell me how much money you make and what work you do. I…I…”

Jacob’s hands were stuck in the air.

Qiulian took it with both hands honestly, and the secret joy under her eyes naturally could not escape Jacob’s eyes.

He explained to her: “It’s not that I don’t want to share with you. I just want to use the money to do other things.”

Qiulian let out an “Oh”, and held the UnionPay card tightly with both hands, but she didn’t mean to fulfill him.

Jacob had some insights: It turned out that a woman’s sense of security was maintained by money, not the sense of security he himself gave her.

This understanding made him somewhat unhappy.

“Husband, you play slowly, I’ll go to the bedroom and wait for you.” Qiulian stood up and smiled softly.

Jacob’s eyes froze, “Yeah.”

Qiulian’s support for his work did not win his favor.

Isn’t she looking forward to lingering with him tonight?

In front of money, she seemed… able to give up her persistence.

Jacob shook his head, pressing his dislike for his wife to the bottom of his heart.

The alarm clock on the wall was walking ticking.

Jacob played a tune that he knew well, over and over again.

Until the hour hand points to 12 o’clock. Jacob resignedly turned down the piano cover, got up and walked to the bedroom.

He thought Qiulian was already asleep, but when he was lying gently on the edge of the bed, her hand passed through like a snake.


Jacob was so frightened that he fell under the bed.

Qiulian sat up, pulled him up, and sighed, “Am I that scary?”

Jacob sat on the ground, and the moonlight passed through the screen windows onto his handsome face, adding a sense of enchantment.

Qiulian looked at him and silently let go of his hand.

She tried to pull this mysterious man into her world, but God didn’t seem to favor her.

“You go to sleep.”

Qiulian got up and walked to the next bedroom.

Jacob sat on the edge of the bed in frustration, guilt and self-blame eating away at his heart.

The next day.

Qiulian Xu was fast asleep and did not get up to make breakfast.

Jacob went out hungry.

He wanted to buy some fast food outside, only to find out that he was penniless again.

The corner of Jacob’s lips conjured up a self-deprecating smile. How could he live like this?

In the imperial capital at dawn, the sky is hazy.

The bustling city is dazzlingly set off by the busy traffic and beautiful scenery.

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