Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1013

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Chapter 1013

On the bench in the garden in the middle of the street, Jacob sat lonely, looking at the vehicles and the bustling crowd. He felt that he was isolated from the world.

No motivation to fight?

No motivation to live?

He even suspected that when he escaped from a car accident, what powerful ideas supported him to survive?

He thought it was so boring to live.

When the time was approaching nine o’clock, he slowly came to Haitian Yishi.

“Uncle.” On the balcony, Faith saw Jacob and shouted with excitement.

Jacob raised his eyes and saw Irene and Faith, wearing white parent-child dresses, looking like beautiful fairies.

The mother and daughter looked at him with dazzling smiles.

Jacob’s gloom and mist seemed to be dismissed. A knowing smile appeared on Jun’s face.

Irene and Faith hurriedly went downstairs to greet him, but the cold reception Jacob received in Qiulian was all made up for by the hospitality of Irene and Faith.

Irene walked over with the hot eight-treasure porridge, because she couldn’t see her, she walked very slowly.

“Teacher Ayue, you should have a cup of eight-treasure porridge first. This is the homemade eight-treasure porridge made by Faith and I. Try it, how does it taste?”

Jacob greeted him and took the eight-treasure porridge from her. Hungry and hungry, he suddenly received this hot porridge, and his heart sighed for God’s favor for him.

His tasted it elegantly, curious that the taste is a bit strange. “Have medicinal materials in it?”

Irene explained with a smile: “Well, they are all medicinal materials for stomach nourishment.”

Jacob was slightly surprised, this was really suitable for him.

Faith pulled the corner of Jacob’s shirt and sang with Mommy, “Uncle, there is still a herbal medicine in it, called Angelica.”

A hint of doubt appeared in Jacob’s eyes, “Angelica?”

Irene chuckled and laughed, “I used it to regulate qi and blood.”

Faith’s mouth was flat, Mommy lied to Daddy.

Mommy puts Angelica officinalis, obviously trying to imply that Daddy should go home.

As soon as Jacob finished drinking the eight-treasure porridge, Faith stretched out his hand to take the cup, and said, “Uncle, I will wash the cup. You will chat with Mommy for a while.”

Faith hurried into the kitchen and closed the kitchen door backhand.

She wants to create a romantic and warm environment for Daddy and Mommy.

Gentleman Jacob helped Irene sit on the sofa. He asked her with concern: “Are your eye diseases better today?”

Irene smiled and said: “its better. The vision is not so dark anymore.”

Jacob looked at Irene’s beautiful eyes, and saw her smile like a beautiful moon, and couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Can you tell me, what the reason for you to wait so unrepentantly is?”

Irene frowned slightly, her voice was low, indicating that she was depressed.

He is in a very bad mood.

From small to large, he rarely showed such pessimism.

Irene thought for a while and said, “I just have to think that one day in the future, I will meet him in the crowd, that man who is worth waiting for and worthy of my love. I feel that all the waiting is worth it.”

Jacob said: “If, I mean if, he didn’t come back?”

Irene said: “He said, I am his life. Then where I am, he will swim to me like a fish, because only I can provide him with oxygen to survive.”

Jacob said: “Do you just believe that his love for you is absolutely loyal?”

Irene nodded, “I believe him.”

Cut three words short, but it shows strength.

Jacob fell into silence.

He was moved by her persistence and trust.

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