Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1015

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Chapter 1015

Irene suddenly pulled his hand over and placed it on the keyboard in front of her. Then her little hand covered his finger. Hit the keys hard, and immediately sang a heart-wrenching sound.

Irene sang “The Soul of the Sun Never Set” for him.

This song is a self-encouraging lyrics and music he made for himself when he founded Media Asia and stood on the top of the world.

Overcome obstacles when he was young

Exhausted thousands of sails

Just to send himself to the top of the world


He was still a teenager when he returned

When Jacob heard this passionate music, he only felt that all his previous decadent cognitions had become ridiculous.

Because he is not strong enough, he will cause trouble in vain.

“If you can, like the young boy in the song, overcome all obstacles, master the situation, and realize your grand ambition, then you will have a happy life.”

Irene smiled and said, “If you sing this song, it will have earth-shattering spirit.”

Jacob imagined playing this wild song with his guitar, and suddenly felt that the scene was a little unimaginable.

“I’m boring and don’t have any special hobbies.” His lips curled up with a self-deprecating smile.

Irene seemed to have an epiphany, and suddenly shouted, “I seem to know the real reason for your depression?”

Jacob was dazed…


He doesn’t know why he has such a boring life?

Irene shook his hand excitedly, “Because you haven’t found something you love, so you are not interested in everything.”

Jacob frowned, “But I don’t know what I love?”

Irene said, “I know what you like.”

He is a genius student, although he is proficient in music, sports, and martial arts. But there is only one hobby that can really make him forget about sleep and food-hackers.

After all, Jacob didn’t believe that she could accurately find his sincerity. But not wanting to touch her kindness, he pretended to ask her, “Oh? What is it?”

“Teacher Ayue, I have a few books, you must like them.”

Jacob was stunned again!

Without waiting for Jacob’s response, Irene couldn’t wait to tell Faith, “Faith, go get the “Matrix” from the study.”

“Good.” Faith answered happily.

After a short while, Faith walked out with a tall stack of books. Jacob quickly got up to help her.

“Uncle, these books are difficult. Mommy said they are heavenly books. After you study these books thoroughly, can you answer my mommy’s doubts?” Faith wanted to help Daddy and Mommy create a chance to meet. .

Gentleman Zhan Han’s response: “Good.”

Then casually picked up a book and began to read it.

It didn’t take long for me to concentrate and forget the time.

Irene and Faith went to the kitchen to prepare a sumptuous lunch.

When Jacob was awakened by the alarm clock on the wall, he realized that it was already 12 noon.

Looking at the book in hand, he was shocked, who was still thinking about it: How could she know his interest?

He doesn’t even know it?

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