Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1016

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Chapter 1016

Faith suddenly got into a small head with a bright smile on her face, “Uncle, Mommy asked me to tell you that no matter how good the book is, you must take care of your stomach. It’s time for dinner.” “

Jacob stood up, and now he felt a strong sense of hunger wrapped around him. But it is rude to stay at the employer’s home for dinner.

While hesitating how to say goodbye, Faith ran over and forced Jacob to the table below.

“Uncle, you must stay to eat with me today.”

Irene begged him, “Stay.”

Jacob looked at these delicious food, his appetite was aroused: “Thank you for your hospitality, then I would be disrespectful.”

He sat down next to Irene.

During the meal, considering her eyesight was inconvenient, his gentleman served her with vegetables and asked intimately: “What do you like to eat?”

Irene said: “I’m not picky eaters.”

Then she asked him in turn, “Does the book look good?”

Jacob said honestly: “Yeah. It’s really good.”

He looked at her suspiciously, “How do you know I would like such a book?”

Irene smiled An Ran, and grew up next to him since she was a child. Does not she still know his hobbies?

“Don’t all men like this exciting and challenging game?”

Jacob was slightly startled, it turned out she was guessing.

Faith smiled incredibly sweetly when she saw the happy appearance of his father and mother.

After lunch, Jacob said goodbye to Irene. A special request was made, “Can you lend me “The Matrix” for a few days?”

Irene smiled and said, “You will give it to you if you like it. Staying with me is nothing more than a decoration.”

Faith cleverly took out the “The Matrix” series of books. Passed it to Jacob’s hand and whispered to him, “This is my mommy’s favorite book.”

Jacob was slightly startled, and his heart was inexplicably happy.

After Jacob left, Irene began to worry.

“After you read these books, it may be time for you to show your skills. And you need a lot of money to realize your great ambitions.”

“And how can I return your money to you?”

Jacob’s rental house-Sunshine Court.

A man in a black jacket, with a sloppy beard and fluffy chicken coop curly hair, wandered for a long time in front of the Yangguangyuan community. Then hiding behind the huge nanmu, Yingtong stared straight at the gate of the community.

Not long after, Qiulian walked out of the community holding Huzi. At this point every day, she would go to the vegetable market next door to buy vegetables. Because of this time, the fresh vegetables in the vegetable market have been sold out, and she can buy cheaper vegetables.

When she walked to the dim sidewalk, one side was the tall courtyard wall of the community, fishing for many messy bougainvillea. On one side are dense street trees. There were few people on the road, so the tiger was put down. Let him jump in front by himself.

Suddenly, a figure sprang out from behind, hugged her tightly, and then leaned over to chew on her neck.

Qiulian was so frightened that Hua Rong was pale, and she opened her mouth and shouted, “Help.”

The man hurriedly covered her mouth and said, “Don’t call it, Qiulian, it’s me.”

This familiar voice made Qiulian startled her pupils to dilate.

She didn’t scream again, but turned to look at the man behind. Seeing that familiar face, the face that had placed hope in it, and completely destroyed her hope, Qiulian suddenly became furious.

“Why are you still alive? Why are you not dead?”

The man’s face turned black in an instant, he grabbed her wrist fiercely, and said fiercely: “Qiulian, do you not love me? I heard that you remarried? Is this true or false?”

Qiulian was very uncomfortable by his rudeness and brutality, and at this moment she couldn’t help comparing this man with A Yue.

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