Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1017

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Chapter 1017

Apart from being unable to share the same room with her, Ayue has almost no other shortcomings.

But the man in front of him ate, drank, and gambled, and if she lost the money, he committed domestic violence to her. She must have been blind before marrying him.

“What are you doing back?” She asked coldly.

The man squeezed her chin with his hands like pliers, and said viciously, “Qiu Lian, are you disgusting old master having been in jail?”

The man threw her angrily to the courtyard wall, and pushed her body rudely, “Say, are you in love with the wild man you picked up?”

Qiulian didn’t speak, and the man rolled up her skirt angrily.

Qiulian cursed in a low voice, “You are crazy, what is this place? You dare to—”

“I’m f*cking my own woman, is there a problem?”

After the indescribable exercise ended, Qiulian slumped on him.

The man squeezed her little white face with a satisfied expression, “Qiulian, you can only be mine. I don’t care if you have feelings for that little white face or not. Now that I am back, you have to kill him. . I want to take you away.”

Qiulian doesn’t want to live with this man, but she also knows that her husband and wife name is bad. Fearing that this man would disturb the good day she was finally asking for, she moved selfishly.

“Ake, I can’t go with you for the time being. I picked Ayue back. I worked hard for him in those years, and finally made him feel a little affection for me. Now he can make money, he can make a lot of money. Isn’t it a loss for me to leave him at this time?”

The man was sullen, “No one in the fishing village knows that he is a waste who can’t do dirty work. But I heard that the waste is handsome, and there are so many big stars that can’t compare to him. Qiulian, are you moved by him? “

“You dare to betray old master, I will never make you feel better.”

Qiulian had been tortured by him and quickly said: “I didn’t like him. He has a physical problem and cannot live a married life with me.”

“is this real?”

“Of course it’s true. Otherwise, it’s been three years, why didn’t I add a younger brother to Huzi?”

When the man heard this, his anger faded.

Qiulian quickly took out the card A Yue gave him and handed it to him, thinking about spending money to eliminate the disaster, “This is the money he made, and there are hundreds of thousands in it. You take it and go quickly.”

Thousands of warnings again said: “We must not be discovered by him. He is a man of high spirits. If he finds out about our affairs, he will definitely divorce me. At that time, we will have no money and only return. Go to the fishing village to live a hard life.”

The man heard that Ayue could make a lot of money, and his eyes filled with greed.

He grabbed the card in Qiulian’s hand, scratched her nose, and said, “You better don’t lie to me. If Kali doesn’t have any money, look back and see how I can clean you.”

Qiulian said: “You go quickly, he will be back soon. He will be over when he sees it. When I receive the money again, we can live a good life, I will leave him.”

The man took the card and left.

Qiulian patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

Hugging Huzi quickly and left.

When Jacob returned home, he saw Qiulian crying in her arms.

Jacob’s heart sinks slightly, and he hastened his pace and walked over.

“What happened?”

Qiulian raised a teary face with heartbreak and tears, “Husband, I’m sorry, I accidentally lost the bank card you gave me when I went shopping today!”

Thinking that Kari still had so much money, he had earned it back hard. Qiulian was mentally prepared to be scolded and beaten.

The tension in Jacob’s heart was eliminated, and Yun Danfeng said softly: “If you drop it, you will drop it. It is good that your mother and son are safe.”

Qiulian was stunned in the same place, a little overwhelmed for a while.

“You don’t blame me?” she said in disbelief.

Jacob walked into the bedroom with the book in his arms, and answered her, “Money is nothing but something outside of the body. Moreover, you can report the loss if you lose it.”

He placed “The Matrix” carefully on the desk in the bedroom, and then picked up the phone to call the bank to report the loss.

But very unlucky, the lady at the counter told him that the amount in the bank card had become zero.

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