Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 844

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Chapter 844


With this applause resounded.

Suddenly, from the door of the hall, there were welcoming voices came again:

“Zhou Linglan, Chairman of the Linglan Group is here!”

“Song Jia, Chairman of Harvest Group is here!”


Voices resounded one after another.

And after hearing the names of these people coming, the faces of all the senior officials of the New Bai Group got completely pale.

Because these people include all the material suppliers in Jiang City and several nearby cities.

In the shocking sight of everyone!

One after another, figures came in from the door, hailing.

Look at these suppliers who look angry.

Whether it is Elvira, Baishan, or all the senior leaders of the New Bai Group, their faces turned pale as paper.

“Okay! Everyone can present gifts!”

Gao Zhilong smiled sorrowfully.

And as his words fell.

Suddenly, a famous supplier stepped up:

“President Elvira, sorry, we are not cooperating anymore!”

“President Elvira, from today on we will stop all supply of materials to New Bai Group!”

Voices resounded endlessly.

Without exception.

It turned out that all of them were here to terminate the cooperation.

In the blink of an eye, when the words of these suppliers fell, it induced that all the raw material suppliers of New Bai Group have terminated cooperation.

Seeing this scene!

All the people of the New Bai Group look ugly as if they were dead gray.

Especially those high-ranking members of the New Bai Group looked at Shaun with full of anger.

Just now, this guy was bragging, saying that the group will have a good start.

And now this happened!

Not great, but there is a black day for the new starting company!

It can be said that the New Bai Group is finished.

Shaun didn’t seem to see the angry eyes of many senior executives. His gaze swept over one supplier after another, the smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more intense:

“Okay! As the husband of the president of New Bai Group, I agree!”

“Those who want to terminate the contract will be a permanent termination!”


Hearing this, everyone around got confused.


You know, normally speaking, if Tiansheng Group wants to end the contract, then there is no need to pay for liquidated damages.

Everyone did not expect that Shaun would mention the penalty for termination of contracts with New Bai Group.



All the senior officials of the New Bai Group were almost blown up with anger.

Losing money.

You know, New Bai Group can earn a hundred million yuan as liquidated damages.

Hearing this, Gao Zhilong and others got slightly dazed.

And when they reacted.


All burst into laughter.

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