Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 843

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Chapter 843

Huh huh!

Everyone in the New Bai Group stared at the door.

And just under their gaze, they saw a middle-aged man with a national character face, pushing a wheelchair, followed by a group of men in suits and leather shoes, stepped in.

On the wheelchair, it was Gao Shengyuan.

“Heh! It’s so lively, there isn’t even a ghost!”

As soon as he entered, Gao Shengyuan in the wheelchair glanced at the people in the hall.

When he confirmed that there was no outsider in the hall except the people of the New Bai Group, the smile on Gao Shengyuan’s face became more and more interesting:

“Hahaha! President Elvira, Shaun, we are here to congratulate you!”


Chairman Gao Zhilong, pushing his son Gao Shengyuan, has come to the front of everyone.

When they saw the father and son, and a group of senior figures from the Tiansheng Group behind him.

The senior officials of the New Bai Group got panicking.

They quickly greeted him and said:

“Gao Zhilong! Thank you for coming, and I hope you will forget about the grievances between Shaun and your son. After all, business is business! I hope it will not affect our relationship and cooperation!”

“Yes, Gao Zhilong, if you and your son are not satisfied, we can ask Shaun to apologize to you!”


Many senior members of the New Bai Group are unwilling to offend Gao Zhilong and his son.

Only after hearing their words.

A thick sneer appeared on Gao Zhilong’s face:

“Apologize? Forget it, we can’t afford Mr. Lin’s compensation!”

Gao Zhilong said this, his eyes turned, and he looked at Shaun viciously.

In the eyes, there is a strong ferociousness and hatred:

“Mr. Lin, thank you for helping me teach Gao Shengyuan! Abolishing Gao Shengyuan’s hands and feet, and distorting the kindness of thirty-six members of the Tiansheng Group! We are here to repay!”


Hear Gao Zhilong’s words full of resentment.

All the senior officials of the New Bai Group turned pale as paper.


They saw that Gao Zhilong grabbed the contract from his secretary, and then dropped it on the ground:

“This is the termination contract between our Group and your New Bai Group!”

“From now on don’t even think of getting any raw materials from us!”

Gao Zhilong’s words are gloomy.

And when the words came out!


All the senior officials of the New Bai Group panicked.

Is it finished?

The end of cooperation with the raw material suppliers is a blow for New Bai Group.

It’s just more than that.

“By the way! Today is the opening ceremony of your New Bai Group. My gift for you is not that simple!”

Gao Zhilong and Gao Shengyuan looked at Shaun and Elvira with a sorrowful smile.

Then, Gao Zhilong raised his hand and slapped hard!

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