Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 842

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Chapter 842

Not only everyone.

Even Baishan and Elvira were speechless for a while.

“Shaun, don’t talk anymore!”

Elvira only felt a hot spot on her face.

Now, they were already embarrassed, and Shaun’s bragging was more like hitting himself in the face, making Elvira angrier.

Shaun didn’t seem to notice anything, he smiled and said to Elvira:

“My wife, don’t worry, I will give you a big gift today!”

Big gift?

The corners of Elvira’s mouth were full of bitterness.

She wanted to know when her husband would get rid of this bragging habit.


When the word ‘husband’ emerged in Elvira’s mind, she was shocked.

She didn’t expect that she would call Shaun her husband without knowing it.

“After that time from the office.”

Elvira thought for a while, only to realize that after that day from the office, she seemed to have accepted Shaun completely.

She has completely regarded him as the husband of her life.

When thinking of a few words in the office, Elvira’s pretty face blushed again.

She can’t forget how she bit Shaun so loudly.


Thinking of this, Elvira has completely amused herself.

And at the moment!

The people around were dumbfounded.

They saw their glamorous beauty president as if she was indulged in her fantasy.

The pretty face flushed for a while, and then amused herself again.


“Oh! It’s over, our president was drugged by that kid!”

“Yeah! This is completely the performance of a little woman in love! I didn’t expect that it would appear on our president!”

“Oh! I don’t understand, what is the charm of that guy, he fascinated our president like this!”


At this moment, the many high-level people around, looked at Shaun one by one, filled with jealousy and weirdness.


But at this moment!

They heard footsteps of people coming.

Then they heard the welcome voice, resounding:

“Chairman of Tiansheng Group——Gao Zhilong is with Gao Shengyuan!”


After hearing about the arrival of the people of Tiansheng Group.

The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became serious.

They knew that within the last few days, the relationship between the New Bai Group and the Tiansheng Group had reached a level of dire straits, especially when Shaun abolished Gao Shengyuan, the relationship between the two parties has completely broken.

And now, if the other party is personally here, it must be bad news.

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