Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1018

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Chapter 1018

A hint of resentment leaked from Qiulian’s eyes, and the dead man didn’t even leave her a point.

She and Ayue have no money, how can they live in the future?

Jacob looked calm and relaxed, but told her in a flat tone, “Remember to report the loss as soon as possible.”

Qiulian nodded, “Oh.”

At this time, Huzi started to feel hungry, “Mom, my stomach is flat.”

Qiulian lost her card and was very guilty, listening to her son crying. She patted her head irritably, “endure it.”

Jacob knew that the mother and son did not eat.

He got up and walked to the kitchen, enduring the oily smell of the kitchen stove, and gave mother and son a bowl of noodles.

Looking at Jacob Xiuyi’s enchanting back, Qiulian walked through the kitchen, with an obsessive look spreading in her eyes.

This man, whether in appearance or character, is the best in the world.

Since God sent him to her, she has no reason to abandon him!

Before long, two bowls of hot Yangchun noodles were cooked.

Jacob brought out the noodles and put them on the dining table. He gently stroked Huzi’s head and said softly, “Eat.”

Huzi ran away from his warm palms and sat down next to Mommy.

Jacob’s hands were frozen in the air, a touch of loss filled his eyes. This child is not close to him, maybe because he has not cared enough for him in the past few years.

Qiulian looked at Jacob’s lost expression, and a hot chestnut knocked on the tiger’s forehead, cursing: “What are you running? Dad touches you, that’s how Dad likes you.”

Jacob frowned, and said, “Don’t frighten the child. There will be time later, and I will get close to him.”

Qiulian smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

The noodles are neither salty nor greasy, but as light as tea. When it tastes carefully, it is scented.

Qiulian was surprised. Didn’t expect A Yue’s cooking skills to be so good? She was a little ashamed of this woman.

While their mother and son were eating, Jacob returned to the bedroom and read “The Matrix” earnestly. He was fascinated by the endless challenges inside.

At this moment, he just want to own a computer, to be able to dominate the Matrix.

But such an idea was quickly defeated by reality.

He is penniless again.

He has to make money make a lot of money.

At very late evening, Qiulian walked in.

She was wearing an ultra-short suspender skirt up and down, hugging him from behind.

Jacob frowned, “What’s the matter?” His voice was neither salty nor weak.

Qiulian said: “Husband, I lost my money. We can’t pay the rent anymore, or we can leave this community and rent a cheaper apartment. Can you?”

She wanted to move away from Sunshine Court and completely get rid of Akko’s control.

Jacob said: “The rent has been paid for a year, so you can live in peace of mind. Don’t worry about the money, I will look for a job tomorrow.”

Qiulian could only give up.

But she put her arm around him harder.

As if he was her heaven.

Jacob broke her hand apart and stood up, “I’m going to take a bath.”

Qiulian stayed in place.

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