Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1035

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Chapter 1035

His gentle appearance is utterly poisonous and charming.

Qiulian gritted her teeth secretly, this is her man. Shouldn’t this kind of tenderness only be released to her?

“Husband, it’s late. You have to go to work tomorrow. Rest early.” Qiulian walked to Jacob and reminded him with a smile.

Jacob just responded indifferently, “I see.”

The air condensed momentarily. Naturally, Irene would not let Jacob be embarrassed, so she stood up and shouted to Faith who was visiting and playing: “Faith, it’s time to go home.”

Faith walked out of Jacob’s room and was a little excited to tell Mommy of her new discovery: “Mommy, I saw my uncle’s little son, he is sleeping.”

“I have so many toys, can I give it to my little brother?”

Irene smiled and said, “Of course.”

After Faith bid farewell to Jacob Qiulian, she supported Irene’s hand and walked outside the door.

Qiulian walked over and locked the anti-theft door, then turned back to Jacob, with a forbearing anger in Xing’s eyes.

Jacob held Irene’s water cup, raised his head and drank the rest of the water. Then he glanced at Qiulian intriguingly, and walked to his bedroom.

Qiulian was completely ignored.

Qiulian suddenly burst into tears, “It turns out that you are a piano teacher for her child. Ayue——”

She suddenly commanded in a sorrowful and indignant tone: “I forbid you to be that child’s home teacher anymore.”

She had to defend her love, faintly feeling that if Ayue was with that woman, something would happen.

Jacob’s icy voice came, “That has to wait until the contract expires.”

Qiulian said, “Isn’t it just taking her money?”

She turned and entered the master bedroom, and soon took out a few UnionPay cards. Walked to Jacob, “Husband, let’s return the money to her, okay?”

Jacob’s pupils tightened, “Where did the card come from?”

Qiulian wiped away her tears and said with excitement: “Today we moved, and your company has several colleagues. They not only help with moving things, but also give us red envelopes. I checked, several cards add up to more than one million. Yours Colleagues are really generous.”

Jacob lingered in the icy eyes, snatching the bank card, angrily said: “You dare to receive so much money?”

Qiulian disagrees, “They gave it to you, don’t let it go.”

Jacob’s pupils stared at her, “You say it again?”

Qiu Lian’s eyes were so fierce as to eat people, she trembled with fright, and she didn’t dare to say anything.

“Tomorrow, I will return.” Jacob said coldly: “Go out, I want to rest.”

Qiulian shrank her head and walked out.

Looking at her empty hands, her intestines were all green with regret at this moment. She shouldn’t have been jealous if she knew he would make such a stupid decision.

The sea and the sky are the same.

Irene was lying on the bed, tossing about and couldn’t sleep.

As long as she thinks that in the long night, Jacob and Qiulian may be fulfilling their duties between husband and wife, she can’t calm down.

Suddenly, Ding Ding’s SMS notification sound came from the phone.

Irene quickly picked up the phone and opened the text message. After seeing the text message sent to her by Jacob, she seemed to have fallen into an ice cave.

Jacob said: “Sorry, I may not be Faith’s piano teacher anymore.”

“The wife is a little unhappy.”

Irene’s hand holding the phone began to tremble violently.

Tears couldn’t help but rustle down.

“Do you care so much about her thoughts?”

Irene was so angry that she threw the phone on the window, and suddenly there was a loud noise.

Even Jacob on the opposite side was taken aback by this voice.

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