Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1036

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Chapter 1036

He didn’t receive Irene’s reply, and he stayed up until dawn nervously.

But his mobile phone was still quiet, and the reply he expected was never received.

In the morning, after Qiulian got up, she found that Jacob had disappeared.

Qiulian stayed silently for a while, remembering the scene of Irene’s visit last night, such a stunning beauty, which man would not be impressed by her?

Looking at herself again, Qiulian decided to remodel herself with this cheap dress. Anyway, Ayue can now earn money.

The only thing she has to do in the future is to please this man. If they can have a child with him, their relationship will be stronger.

Media Asia.

As soon as Jacob arrived at the door of the company, Irene got out of her special car.

For some reason, Irene’s eyes looked very different today, as if she was poisoned.

Where did he offend her?

He and she walked into the employee elevator one after another. The elevator was full of people. When two people entered the elevator at the same time, the elevator started to alarm.


Irene looked at Jacob, her eyes were clearly to let him out.

Jacob teased: “Is the president’s special elevator a display?”

The employees dare not speak.

The two chief executives quarreled when they met recently, with a level of firepower, but they didn’t know the team was wiser.

So stay on the sidelines.

Irene and Jacob did not go out, so the elevator stopped there. Finally, Irene stood up and said: “Forget it, I’m a good woman not fighting a man.”

Jacob also stood out at the same time.

The elevator doors closed, leaving two people staring.

Irene felt resentful when she remembered that Jacob had caused her to stay up all night last night. Shaved his eyes, Jacob, who looked equally bad, jokingly said, “With a bad face, have you done too much in that area?”

She stretched out her hand and squeezed it on his waist and eyes, “I’m getting older, take a moment. Look at your sallow face.”

Jacob looked at her angrily, and said angrily: “Are you too lenient in your nostalgia?”

Irene said confidently: “I’m afraid that you will have too much kidney deficiency, and you will delay work by that time.”

The elevator door opened, and Jacob and Irene entered the elevator.

Irene hadn’t heard his angry voice for a long time, and looked up at him.

But she found that Jacob stared at her with a pair of furious black pupils.

Irene cast a wink at him, “Why, are you angry?”

“Did you know that I owe you a lot of beating?” He said yellingly.

Irene really provoke him very arduously, “Yo? Want to beat me? You know, my martial arts are very high, and you can’t beat me, so you hold back all your dissatisfaction.”

Jacob looked at her speechlessly.

Sometimes he thinks this woman is as naive as a child, and the so-called strong woman’s aura is very contrary to her.

“I don’t hit women.” Jacob said with a straight face.

Irene smiled like a flower, “Because you can’t beat me.”

Jacob stared at her silently again, “You really owe you a beating.”

“Do you dare to beat me?”

The expression on Jacob’s face was full of words: thinking, thinking very much, very much.

Irene said: “It just so happens that my hands are itchy today. Dare to go to the arena with me to have a showdown?”

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