Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 858

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Chapter 858


When Leng Kang’s words fell, everyone around him got dumbfounded.

The 4th Skeleton Emperor Card owner in China!

Imperial treatment!

This… how is this possible?

The people around, whether they were the senior members of the New Bai Group, Gao Shengyuan, Leng Bufan, or others, could not believe their ears.

Didn’t Elvira get punishment for the crime?

Why is she now the owner of Emperor Card?

Everyone felt a buzzing in their heads.

However, this is only the beginning.


“Today, I brought all the directors of Shengshi Group to congratulate the opening of New Bai Group!”

“New Bai Group, from now on, will become the first partner of our Group! Hundred percent of resources are inclined!”

“Any friend of the New Bai Group is our friend, and any enemy of the New Bai Group is an enemy of our Shengshi Group!”


Hearing this, everyone was stunned!

Friends of the New Bai Group are friends of Shengshi Group!

The enemy of the New Bai Group is the enemy of Shengshi Group!

At this moment, after hearing Leng Kang’s words, everyone in the entire hall couldn’t believe their ears.

What…what’s going on?

Everyone looked at each other.

Didn’t you mean the thief?

Didn’t you say that it’s a crime?

Why now, Elvira has not only become the holder of the 4th Skeleton Emperor Card, but even the New Bai Group has become the first partner of the Shengshi Group.

Everyone understands the significance of the partners of Shengshi Group.

This is a cooperation with the top chaebol in Jiangnan.

Especially, as the first partner, the position of the New Bai Group can be said to be soaring. I am afraid that all the chaebols in Jiangnan will squeeze the door and want to cooperate with the New Bai Group.


At this moment, after hearing this news, whether it was Gao Zhilong or the group of suppliers, one by one seemed to have been drained of all strength.

“Oh my god, this… how is it possible? The New Bai Group has become a partner of Shengshi? And we were so stupid to terminate the contract with it?”

“How could this happen! If we didn’t terminate the contract, it would mean that we also became a partner of Shengshi Group! And now…”

“Gao Zhilong, you bastard! You are so damned!”


Messed up!

At this moment, these suppliers are all regretful.

Everyone looked at the Gao Zhilong and his son, wishing to devour them alive.

After all!

With the support of the Shengshi Group, the New Bai Group is an upstart in the Jiangnan business circle.

Following the New Bai Group, it would definitely be a turbulent time in the future, and they unexpectedly canceled the contract stupidly, and even complacent for the small number of cancellation fees.

Thinking of this!


Suppliers want to slap themselves regretfully, wishing to slap their cheeks.

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