Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

Grace has long been accustomed to Father Luo’s ruthless cold blood. She raised her eyebrows and said coldly, “If you want me to die outside, I can guarantee that I will never show up in front of you.”

“Hmph, you can die, but you have to save Grace through the storm first.” Luo father said shamelessly.

Grace sneered, “Why should I save Grace? In the past few years, I have lived or died outside. You didn’t care about me. You didn’t think of me when you have money, but now you are desperate. I’m here. I’m going to ask you, why are you embarrassed to transfer this huge debt to me?”

Grace’s little stepmother walked out, yin and yang strange air said:

“Grace, don’t pretend to be like a holy white lotus. Why did the Luo family go bankrupt, do you dare to say that it has nothing to do with you? The president of Media Asia is your ex-husband, and Media Asia suddenly sanctions our Luoshi industry. Of course you will pay for the trouble you cause.”

Grace suddenly understood that this was Jacob’s method of revenge on her.

Grace looked at Father Luo. This middle-aged man who would never have looked at her when he passed by before had his hair all white overnight, as if he was twenty years old.

Jacob is really insidious!

At this moment, Father Luo looked at her as if looking at the savior, saying, “Grace, I have heard that you and Shao Zhan are fighting for the custody of the child. As long as you transfer the custody of the child to Shao Zhan, He will lift the economic sanctions on the Luo family.”

Grace sneered, “In order to relieve the crisis for you, I want to betray my children. Why?”

Father Luo’s eyes were dark, and he said in a reluctant tone: “You have lost your child, and I will compensate you. I will amend the will and transfer you five percent of the shares of Rockwell.”

Grace sighed softly, 5% of the Luo family’s shares? Want her to give up her cold treasure?

Funny, they really thought she was the kind of woman who hadn’t seen money before, and thought she would be open to seeing money?

Grace looked at Father Luo, with some contempt in her tone, “Dad, do you know why Jacob treats Grace this way? Because he can’t take away Derek’s custody rights if he pays a billion yuan. With five shares, you want me to give up Derek’s custody rights? Doing business with you has lost so much, so I still go to Jacob to talk.” Grace is about to leave.

Father Luo gritted his teeth and increased his bargaining chip. “Thirty percent?”

Grace sneered.

Is it foolish to be an idiot?

If she was Grace’s deity, she might not be able to figure out the huge difference between Luo Family’s 30% shares and one billion.

But she is Irene, who has experience in wealth management of family businesses.

“Dad, the Luo family owns 30% of the shares. Judging from the current situation in the Luo family, it is difficult for me to cash out. Where is one billion in cash more real?”

Father Luo did not expect that this daughter would become shrewd as if she had plated a layer of gold on her forehead a few years after going abroad. “Forty percent, no more. This is my bottom line!”

Grace hadn’t spoken yet, her stepmother suddenly ran in front of her unexpectedly, and gave Grace a loud slap when she waved her hand.

“Bad girl, you are just a dog raised by our Luo family. If we give you 5% of the shares, it is already a bargain to you. You opened your mouth and wanted to annex the entire Luo family business. I tell you, there is me. Now, it will never be possible!”

Grace touched her aching face, a fierce anger filled her eyes.

She Irene grew up so old that she had never been beaten.

Raising her hand quickly, she slapped her stepmother heavily!

“Luoshi? Oh, I really don’t like it.”

“Ah! You bastard, how you dare hit me?” the stepmother snarled hysterically.

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