Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

She was wrong.

He hated her so much, hated her origin, hated her and couldn’t see her humble identity.

It turned out that she was destined to be a joke in his heart from the moment she approached him.

Grace got up from the steps and shuttled aimlessly in the busy traffic of the city.

As she walked more, her heart slowly calmed down.

A stubborn unwillingness to admit defeat clamored in her body. The reason Jacob looked down on her was not because she did not have a decent job or a solid financial foundation.

The so-called economic foundation determines the superstructure. To find her lost dignity and dignity, she should establish her business kingdom.

Grace’s entrepreneurial ambition is about to move!

Once, because of Jacob, she concealed her edge and willingly stayed in the Haitian Villa to be the obedient little woman behind him.

But she didn’t get his cherishment, but made him look down on her even more.

Grace wakes up like a dream. The edge and lost ambition she hides because of him are her most important wealth. With them, she can defend her family relationship, and perhaps awaken her dead love.

Because of the dream, Grace is like a dead tree in spring, surviving from desperation.

She tidied up her messy hair and glowed with radiance.

When returning to the apartment, Grace looked at Snail House, and secretly swears to herself, “Jacob, you don’t care about me today, one day I will make you unable to climb high.”


On the other side, Jacob lured Grace to fail, so he carefully deployed the second plan.

He blocked all the Luo family’s industrial chain overnight, and the Luo family was on the verge of bankruptcy overnight. Luo’s father was desperate and wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building. And this scene was recorded in a video and became a hot search the next day.

Father Luo was rescued by kind people.

This matter originally had nothing to do with Grace, after all, she, an illegitimate daughter of the Luo family, had long been sent out by the Luo family and regarded as an outsider.

But fate is so unfair.

When Luo’s father was desperate and debts were high, there was a hot search for voices condemning Grace, saying that as the daughter of the Luo family, she was not saved when the Luo family was in danger, and was extremely cold-blooded.

At this time, Luo’s father just pretended to behave in front of the media.

He publicly repented in front of reporters: Grace, Dad was wrong, and he shouldn’t have treated you like that before. Dad is old now, and there are not many days left. Dad only hopes to have your forgiveness during his lifetime. By the way, Dad revised his will a few days ago. 50% of Rockwell’s shares will be transferred to you free of charge! “

Grace immediately entered Rockwell’s intranet as a hacker, and when she found out that their financial deficit was a bottomless pit, she wanted to cry without tears.

Father Luo was so “kind” to her daughter!

When Grace went to Luo’s house to question Luo’s father indignantly, Luo’s father changed the image of a benevolent father in front of the public and became ruthless and unfeeling, “Grace, why are you still not dead!”

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