Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 102

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Chapter 102

Jacob said sternly, “Grace, Derek’s custody rights belong to me, and you are allowed to keep your children’s visitation rights for the first five years.”

Grace’s eyes widened in disbelief. This person was so deceiving that he not only wanted Derek’s custody rights, but also deprived her from her future visitation rights.

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

Grace stood up, held her hands on the table with fists, leaned forward, gritted her teeth and said, “You are dreaming.”

The provocative eyes were very sharp.

Jacob is still calm and calm. He is the king of the smashing shopping mall. He has not experienced any negotiation scenes, and has never seen any negotiation opponents. He did not pay attention to the humble housewife like Grace.

“A price, how much is it? You are willing to give up Derek’s custody.” Jacob said leisurely.

Grace felt as if she had been humiliated, and her internal organs were furious. She looked at Lord Jacob angrily, and said angrily, “Master Zhan, do you think that money can block my love for Derek and can easily take away his custody?”

Jacob’s thin and charming lips pulled out an evil smile.

In his view, if money cannot solve the problem, it can only mean that money is not being spent enough.

He thought that Grace’s grief and indignation was just for bargaining.

“Ten billion.” Jacob said.

Grace was trembling with anger, and suddenly picked up the tea in her hand, throwing it at Jacob unpreparedly. “Jacob, I tell you, even if you give me all Media Asia, I won’t want it. In my heart, Derek is my life.”

Jacob looked at the shirt contaminated with tea stains, and the icy chill shot out from Yingtong, gritted his teeth and said: “Grace…” The dark voice of the yin bird pulled back Grace’s reason.

Grace reacted and she got into trouble again.

Jacob stood up and said to Grace with an iron face, “Pretend to be high? Very good. Money, don’t think I will give you another point. Derek, I’m going to make a decision.” After speaking, he walked away.

Grace kicked the table leg angrily.

Jacob handed her that look before leaving. It was terrible. As if he was a god of death, he would pull her into hell at any time.

Coming out of the cafe, Grace walked on the bustling street with great heart. The prosperity of the south of the city, that is the smell of copper in every corner.

For example, luxury cars that come and go, ruthlessly refresh your three views. It turns out that not all four wheels can call a car, and the owner’s face is the most terrible.

And Grace was despised by the owner of the luxury car. She was like a beggar who lived in the bottom of society.

She sat on the steps next to a hotel in frustration. Because of her depressed look and messy hair, she was sympathized by passers-by. Some people even lost a few yuan in front of her.

Grace suddenly laughed…

It turned out that she had always been deceiving herself and could not see the difference between her and Jacob.

He is the pride of heaven!

And she is just a little figure living at the bottom of society.

And she always thought that she was still the radiant Irene. You can stand beside him and match him, because they are talented and beautiful, beautiful and natural biren.

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