Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 101

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Chapter 101

Jacob sent a text message to Grace and asked her to meet at the coffee shop.

Grace looked at the domineering text message: “We should talk about Derek’s custody rights, otherwise, I can only change the way.”

Grace sighed heavily, can she pretend not to see this text message?

Grace didn’t reply to the text message for a long time, so Jacob called her.

Grace hesitated before pressing the Connect button reluctantly.

Jacob Binghan’s voice came, “Grace, why don’t you reply to the text message? Escaping is not the solution to the problem.”

Grace murmured, “I didn’t escape. I just don’t know how to reply to your text messages.”

Jacob was stunned for a moment, but it was only a moment.

He snorted coldly, “Why should I have known today?”

Grace shuddered. His words were clearly accusing her of ignoring her wishes and calculating her affairs six years ago.

Grace face was ugly and embarrassed. Fortunately, he couldn’t see her face, so she felt a little more easy. “Ok, ten o’clock, see or leave.” She finally gave up.

Jacob hung up the phone decisively.

Grace fell to the ground feebly. Jacob’s contempt for her stems from his dislike of her. But she loves him, as if pounced on the raging flames, even if she was swallowed by the merciless fire, she had no hesitation back then.

Do you regret it?

Grace didn’t know. She only knows that if she has the courage to make mistakes, she should have the courage to bear the consequences.

She cheered up and simply cleaned up her depressed face. In order to conceal her exhaustion, she deliberately painted light makeup to make herself look more energetic.

When leaving the apartment, Janice had already arrived in Boiling City, and wanted to take Derek and Faith out to play. Janice was so enthusiastic to help her with the baby, so she had less worries.

When Grace came to the cafe, Jacob had been there already.

When Grace walked to Jacob’s side, Jacob’s face was not good. Staring into her eyes is like a throwing knife.

“Sorry, I am late.” Grace said timidly. When she opened the chair next to him and was about to sit down, she found that his eagle pupils shrank severely, and he was obviously disgusted with her behavior.

Grace put the chair back to its original place again, pulled the chair away and sat down on the opposite side of the furthest distance away from him.

Jacob’s expression was only slightly soothed, she was considered interesting.

Grace felt unhappy, wondering why is this guy hypocritical.

“Grace, I don’t have much free time, let’s make a long story short.”

“As for Derek’s custody, I am determined to get it. If you cooperate, I will give you a sum of money, enough for you and your mother and daughter to live a life-free life. Of course, if you don’t cooperate, then we can only go through judicial procedures. But first two ways, I don’t think you have the power to compete with us.”

He is like a superior king, looking at Grace in contempt of ants.

Grace is an ant, and also a ant with only dreams. It is a weed, but also a weed that wants to start a prairie fire. Her temperament was Irene’s stubbornness and her weakness, and Grace’s weakness. But this kind of contradictory character just made her a girl with a thousand faces.

At least, Jacob will never guess what temper she will have in the next moment.

Grace suddenly raised her head, her cowardly expression disappeared, and her face was angrily said: “Master Zhan, are you bullying the weak?”

Jacob raised his eyebrows, arrogant and extraordinary. “so what?”

He was sitting in a black armchair, slender and white, with well-knotted fingers tapping the tabletop. That kind of laziness in the nobleness made him look confident and charming.

He admited so frankly, Grace was a little inferior to him, and can only say hard:

“You also said that you are very busy. But the growth of children needs the company of their parents. You took away Derek’s custody rights, but do you have time to accompany them?”

Jacob looked at Grace with bright eyes, but she didn’t expect that she could still think of this level.

“I admit that I don’t have time to accompany them. But I can ask the best teachers in the world to accompany them and give them the best resources. And you, besides taking them to live in a snail house and eating unhealthy instant noodles, what else can you give them? “Jacob righteously remarked.

Grace corrected him unconvincingly, “I didn’t give the child instant noodles. We ate Yangchun Baixue Noodles.”

“Is there a gap?” Jacob sneered, “Grace, eating Yangchun white snow noodles will affect the children’s height. Do you want them to be dwarfs like you in the future?”

Grace almost didn’t get choked by the saliva. Although she has a petite figure, she was one meter and six meters tall. Why is she a dwarf?

Grace was not to be outdone, “Then Jas eats delicacies from mountains and seas every day? Didn’t you see him taller than Derek?”

Suddenly, Jacob was silent.

After a pause, Jacob stared at her mockingly, “It’s not that your genes are too bad.”

This was Chi Guoguo’s personal attack, Grace pulled her face very angry.

Jacob realized that he had done something stupid, and he had no feelings for this woman. She was also the mother of his sons. Didn’t it hurt her that even her son was also hurt.

In his opinion, Jason and Derek are the cutest babies in the world. There is a world of difference from this vulgar Grace.

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