Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

Jacob felt that he was going crazy, he had no reason to give up such a cute Derek. No, tomorrow, he must find a way to get Derek back.

The next day, Jacob walked into the kitchen to make breakfast, only to serve three people. Jason looked at the extra plate, then looked at the shadow under the very beautiful pair of peach blossoms in Daddy, sighing.

“Why sigh?” Jacob cut the steak in his hand, and asked Jason without raising his eyes.

Jason said very sadly, “Daddy, how come you have become like Mommy now, do you have to make an extra breakfast, so much waste?”

Jacob was slightly startled, Grace actually has such a habit? So she is actually the same as him, also suffering from longing?

No, it’s not the same.

He only has one day, but she has five years.

At that moment, there were some slight ripples in Jacob’s heart.

“Jas, tell daddy do you like Derek?” Jacob asked, looking at the extra breakfast plate.

Jason nodded, a slight smile appeared on his cold face. “like.”

“Why do you like him?” Jacob was a little curious. Jason was born as an insulator in the center of the world, indifferent to everything.

Jason thought for a while, and said seriously, “I don’t know. But I have no reason to dislike him. If I don’t like him, don’t I dislike myself?”

Jacob was dazed.

This answer is very difficult. But with so many words, it doesn’t seem like a war dead.

He felt the change in the battle, and he was inexplicably happy. He felt that perhaps Derek changed Jason, and after such a subjective and domineering determination in his heart, he became more determined to retake Derek.

“After eating, Daddy will send you to school.” Jacob said.

Jason blinked Canruo Xingchen’s eyes, it seemed a little difficult to speak, but he still bravely said it. “Daddy, I want to change to kindergarten.”

Jacob remembered the unfair treatment Jason had encountered in the kindergarten, and was originally annoyed that he hadn’t discovered those nasty things earlier and didn’t let Jason leave the misty environment sooner. As soon as Jason proposed it, he readily accepted it.

“Okay. Tell Daddy what you want for the new school. Daddy will try to find a school that satisfies you.” Jacob said.

This time, he didn’t hesitate, and he blurted out, “As long as you are with Derek and Faith.”

Jacob was dumbfounded.

He has the right to stipulate that Jas and Derek go to an expensive kindergarten, but he has no right to decide which school Faith chooses.

With Grace’s economic strength, I am afraid that the education level of his family Jason and Faith cannot be high. Unless he sponsors her?

But why does he support a child who has no blood relationship with him? The key is that she is Grace’s child?

I don’t know why, as soon as he thinks of Faith, Jacob gets a headache, frowning deeply.

That little guy not only looks like Grace, but also has the same madness as her mother.

“Jas, this matter, Daddy will negotiate with Grace.” For the sake of the child, Jacob felt it necessary to have a good talk with Grace, who was so angry that he was not paying her life.

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