Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

Grace raised her eyes and stared at him blankly.

He would never agree to remarry.

To regain the cold treasure, he is determined to win it.

He just don’t want to be a villain in front of the child, so he threw this problem to her.

He thought Grace was weak and would obey him.

Unexpectedly, Grace said with great firmness, “Master Zhan, took the initiative to give up the child’s custody rights five years ago. I will never do such a foolish thing again.”

The maidservant Zhanhan looked at Grace, saying every word, “I can’t lose one of the bloods of my warrior family.”

Both people looked at each other stubbornly and uncompromisingly.

A long time later, Jacob looked at the child and asked softly, “Then, who of you will go with Daddy tonight?”

Undoubtedly, this is about Derek and Jason, and Faith tears from aggrieved in the corner.

Derek took the initiative to hold Grace’s hand. He could see how weak and helpless Mommy was when Daddy was competing with Mommy. So at this time, he chose to stand beside Mommy.

Jason looked at Daddy with a look of loss, secretly sighed, walked to Jacob, took the hand of Jacob, and said, “Daddy Mommy, Derek and I can take turns to stay by your side. Just like the other day.”

Jacob had just given his initiation. It turned out that Jacob’s behavior was super abnormal a few days ago. He was taciturn, and then hyperactive. It was not that he had two personalities, but that he and Derek appeared alternately in front of him?

For the children’s troubles, after all, he has no temper to condemn young children.

However, Jas’s proposal was rejected by Jacob. “Jas, you and Derek are brothers, and Daddy won’t let you be separated for too long.”

After speaking, he hugged Jason and left the apartment.

Grace slumped on the sofa, and Jacob’s determination to compete for Derek could not be shaken.

What should she do?

At night, Jacob lay on the bed, but closed his eyes, but Derek’s brilliant face was all in his mind.

“Daddy-Daddy -” Derek’s affectionate cheers filled his mind every time.

As soon as the picture turned, Derek’s voice protested in angrily near his ear. “Although I look like you, it only shows that your genes are too bullying and hide Mommy’s gentle genes.”

There is also a child’s innocent teasing voice, “Daddy. You laugh whenever you want. Why do you want to hide your emotions? You are not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?”

Suddenly Jacob sat up, but Derek’s vigorous face rushed into his mind forcefully. Childhood arrogant and domineering written in the eyebrows, so immature that people dare not disturb.

He shook his head and tried to push the naughty child out of his mind, but Derek suddenly hugged his neck, slapped his face and smeared the saliva on Jacob’s face. “Daddy, don’t be angry. I will say hello to you before I leave home next time.”

“Well, there will be a second time?” He remembered criticizing him harshly.

The child said with confidence, “It’s nice to run away from home for a while, and it’s always nice to run away from home all the time.”



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