Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

Suddenly, Jacob squatted down, holding Derek’s face in both hands, his careful and flattering expression made him look like a big boy who knows nothing about the world.

Grace watched the father and son carefully cherish each other, with joy and fear in her heart. Jacob loves his son. It was deeper than she thought.

“Daddy.” Derek suddenly opened his arms and plunged into Jacob’s arms.

Jacob hugged Derek tightly, and that charming face bloomed with a charming and elegant smile.

Janice walked to Grace, seeming to be to give her tenacity, she suddenly reached out and held Grace’s hand.

“Daddy, I love you.” Derek kissed Jacob’s forehead.

This action made Jacob’s heart throb. There were also some surprises. He thought that with the unshakable hatred between him and Grace, and the ignorance and vulgarity of Grace’s village women, the children she taught must hate him deeply.

However, Derek kissed him and expressed his love for him so sincerely that made him look at Grace with admiration.

She didn’t irrigate the child with hatred thoughts. In this regard, he was very grateful to her.

“Daddy loves you too.” Jacob smiled softly at Derek.

Grace looked at such a gentle Jacob, that was the kind of treatment she wanted to get in her dreams, but he had never treated her so tenderly.

Jacob suddenly said, “Go home with Daddy, okay?”

Grace trembled obviously.

Janice looked at Grace’s helpless, desperate, weak and pitiful expression, and for some reason she suddenly felt a sense of justice of hoeing the strong and helping the weak. She stepped over in three or two steps to protect Derek behind her. Against Jacob said:

“Brother, although Derek is a descendant of our Zhan Family, he was born in October when his sister-in-law was pregnant, and he was also raised by her hard-working sister. She gave birth to two sons for you. If you have a war, you will leave Derek. To sister-in-law, this is fair.”

As for the younger sister whose arms turned away, Jacob’s patience with her has reached its limit. “Janice, you are not allowed to interfere with our affairs.”

Janice’s liver trembled in fear with Binghan’s tone and the harsh air pressure of the two heavens spreading out of ice and fire.

When he said it again, Janice’s voice was a little imposing, “Brother, I am also for the sake of the children. You see Derek is so cute and lovely, it’s all because my sister-in-law taught him well. It’s like you, with a paralyzed face all day long. Su only became so-cold under your influence!”

Jacob’s face suddenly darkened, and Janice fell silent.

Derek suddenly said, “Daddy, my aunt is right. Although I love Daddy very much, I also love Mommy. Jas and I cannot be possessed by you alone. You can choose me or Jas. One person will accompany you, but the other must stay with Mommy.”

Jacob was very shocked. He didn’t expect that Derek would have such a thought for the overall situation. He was impressed by Derek’s considerate mind.

Jason came over and said, “Daddy, you can remarry mommy, so you won’t lose either of me or Derek.”

Jacob stood up swayingly, and his two sons took turns to pinch him, catching him by surprise.

He unexpectedly lost his mind for a while. For a long time, he asked Grace slyly, “So, what do you mean?”

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