Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 78

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Chapter 78


As soon as these words came out, the entire Bai family’s main hall was thoroughly fried.

“Oh my God, I… Did I get it wrong? Huang Guosheng transferred the property under his name to Elvira?”

“Doesn’t that mean that Elvira has become the largest medicinal material supplier in Jiang City? I rely on…”

“Impossible! How could this be…”

All other Bai family members were completely stunned by the news.

However, Harper and Bai Yan were even more sluggish as if they were hit by several thunders.

Not only them.

Elvira at this moment was also completely confused.

Especially, when she saw Niu Yunkui take out a document, came to her side, and handed it over respectfully, Elvira couldn’t help but swallowed and spat, and asked uncertainly:

“Director Niu, Huang Guosheng really transferred the industry to me? This… isn’t it a joke!”


The corners of Niu Yunkui’s mouth twitched slightly.

He glanced at Shaun next to him weirdly, and his heart was trembling.

What is the property of the Huang family? Your husband is the richest person in the world. With an order, let alone the Huang family, even if it is most of the properties in Jiangnan Province, it will be easy to buy under your name.

However, Niu Yunkui did not dare to show it, but said respectfully:

“Miss Elvira, don’t worry, this is not a joke! The Huang Family Industry will all belong to you in the future!”

After speaking, he handed a pen to Elvira.

Elvira’s head was muddled, and she signed the document in a daze.

Until then!

Niu Yunkui let out a long sigh of relief, then glanced at the Mr. Bai and the others indifferently, and said lightly:

“Besides, there is one last thing!”

“According to our investigation, someone from the Bai family was in connection with Huang Guosheng and harmed people together! They are… Baichuan, Bai Yan, and Ma Zhitao!”

“Hand them over to us, arrest them all!”

Arrest them!

After hearing the director Niu Yunkui said that Bai Chuan, Bai Yan, and Ma Zhitao turned out to be Huang Guosheng’s accomplices.


The entire Bai family hall was completely chaotic.

“No! Grandpa rescued me. I didn’t conspire with Huang Guosheng, nor did I frame Shaun! Grandpa…”

“Dad, I was wrong, I didn’t…”

Screaming one after another, and the all three Baichuan, Bai Yan, and Ma Zhitao were almost scared to pee.

However, the group of heavily armed policemen did not listen to their excuses at all and rushed forward.

In the blink of an eye, the father and daughter were subdued to the ground.

The Bai family were all speechless.

They couldn’t imagine that the second master Bai, who was still very high-spirited just now, to elect Harper as president, turned out to be an accomplice of Huang Guosheng.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but look at Shaun.

That’s right.

It was this guy who changed the whole situation.

Mr. Bai, Harper and others looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a monster.

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