Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

Janice stood opposite Grace and said vigorously, “My brother is so aggressive to beg his son, Grace, don’t tell him the house number!”

“Janice!” Jacob gritted his teeth and missed the hands-free microphone.

Janice’s face was frightened instantly, and she hurriedly covered her mouth, but desperately waved to Grace.

Grace was silent for a while, and said the house number into the microphone, “No. 618.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jacob hung up.

Janice collapsed on the sofa, scribbling Grace, “Why did you tell him your address? Grace, you would lose Derek like this?”

Jason picked up a banana and stuffed it directly into Janice’s mouth. Disgusted, “You talk a lot.”

Janice sat up and pointed at Jason’s nose and screamed, “Don’t think I don’t know, you little guy is as mindful as your father. You are partial to your father—”

Jason angrily said, “I don’t have one.”

Janice sneered, “Hehe, haven’t you? Do you dare to say that your father is a big tiger who eats people?”

Jason loved daddy, and naturally ignored the coercion of his aunt to make trouble.

Janice said, “Jason, are you a little conscience? Yes, you were raised by your father, but you were born ten months after Grace’s pregnancy. Do you know how hard it is for a woman to have a pregnancy? They have to endure a sudden increase in weight, a deformed body, and risk their lives to give birth to you? Your father is going to snatch Derek away. Do you think he is doing the right thing?”

Jason said, “He won’t.”

Jacob didn’t know when he was leaning on the door panel, and his face was full of anger when he heard Janice provoking the relationship between their father and son.

When Grace saw Jacob, she was originally worried about her trouble finding Janice. But soon she discovered that Jacob’s gaze was only on Derek.

In order to see Derek as soon as possible, Jacob rushed all the way upstairs, with fine sweat oozing from his forehead, and his desire to see his son made him forget all his exhaustion.

Grace knew too well what his eager eyes meant. She pulled Derek to Jacob and introduced him, “This is Derek.”

Jacob looked at this child who was exactly like Jason, shocked.

When Shicai Janice told him that Derek and Jason were twins, he never thought that the two children were identical twins.

Looking at this reduced version of himself, he could be sure that he was the son of his Zhan family blood without a genetic test, Jacob was extremely excited. And there was some fear-when he thought of Derek being kidnapped by the kidnappers, his attitude had nothing to do with him. Now in retrospect, he just wanted to slap himself severely.

Fortunately, Derek was safe, otherwise he would not be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

Although Derek and Daddy met, they also got along for a few days. But at that time, he met him under the identity of Jason, and there was always an unreality of stealing other people’s paternal love.

Now that Daddy is standing in front of him, it is still unknown whether he will accept himself willingly. The Derek at that moment was also fragile to think carefully.

Daddy loves Jason so much, will he dote on him like he does Jason? Derek had no bottom in his heart, so that handsome face looked a little sad.

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