Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

“Now, I advise you to surrender to the police station, otherwise, the police will not let you go, nor will the Huang family let you go!”

Harper and Bai Yan’s looked at Shaun, all of them were cold.

And hearing this, Shaun’s eyes showed a sense of sorrow:

“come in!”


His words stunned everyone.


Under the horrified eyes of everyone, only a fully armed policeman rushed in.

There are more than 20 people, and each one is neatly equipped and looks impressive.

The police headed by the police officer turned out to be Chief Jiang City-Niu Yunkui!


In an instant, uproar started in the main hall of the Bai family.

They never thought that the police came to their door.

They are here to capture Shaun?

But it doesn’t look anything like that!

Everyone was extremely puzzled, especially with the appearance of Niu Yunkui, Director Jiang City, who is regarded as one of the top figures in Jiang City.

“Director Niu, why are you here?”

Mr. Bai was startled, and quickly got up from the seat.

The other Bai family members looked at Niu Yunkui with tension.

After all, this is the Jiang City law enforcement agency, and he is the most powerful boss.

“Director Niu, you are here! This is Shaun, who had wounded and attacked the police, has now escaped from prison, hurry up! Get him quickly!” Bai Yan said.

Her first reaction was that Niu Yunkui and others came to arrest Shaun.

And just after her shout fell, she was shocked to find that everyone around was looking at her, as if they were looking at a fool.


Bai Yan was stunned.

This is more than that.

She was stunned to see that Shaun indifferently faced Niu Yunkui, and ordered:

“You, tell them!”

“Yes! Mr. Lin!” Niu Yunkui nodded, then stepped forward, facing all Bai family members.

This scene shocked all the Bai family even more. They couldn’t understand how Niu Yunkui was so polite to Shaun.

“Our police have investigated clearly that the Huang family colluded with the police captain Zhong Bin in order to harm Mr. Shaun!”

“In addition, the Huang family and Zhong Bin have been arrested and imprisoned for several murders!”

Niu Yunkui’s voice was vigorous and powerful.

But in the ears of all Bai family members, it sounded like thunder.


Huang Family and Zhong Bin were arrested?

How can this be.

The grandfather, the uncle Haibai and others were all unbelievable. After all, the Huang family was more powerful than the Bai family. How could it fall so easily?

However, Niu Yunkui’s words made everyone incredulous.

“In addition, in order to confess his sins, Huang Guosheng voluntarily transferred all the properties under his name to Mr. Shaun’s wife-Miss Elvira!”

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