Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

At this moment, after listening to the uncle and the second master, all started to support Harper.

The rest of the Bai family’s senior officials also began to rebel.

Persuading one after another.

Almost all, they all started to support Harper as president and let Elvira hand over the prescription.


This scene, like a dagger, fiercely penetrated Elvira’s heart.

The ticking tears kept falling from her beautiful eyes.

“How can you do this…” Elvira was completely angry.

While crying with grief, she pointed at other uncles and cousins, and yelled:

“Usually you bully Shaun, I will bear it!”

“Usually you humiliate our family, I will bear it!”

“But now, Shaun is in trouble. He has done meritorious service to the Bai family, but you cruelly abandoning him, and you still have to seek his prescription! You are very heartless people!”


At this moment, Elvira was heartbroken as never before. She couldn’t think of her family being so indifferent and ruthless.

Shaun is her husband.

But in the eyes of these people, it was as simple as abandoning a cat or a dog, and the human feelings were so indifferent, so how could she not be embaress.

Elvira’s words immediately caused those Bai family members who wanted to continue to persuade them to shut their mouths one by one.

However, Bai Yan jumped out with a sneer.

She looked at her cousin, as if looking at a falling dog:

“Huh! Elvira, you also have today! Let me tell you, your husband is dead, and the Huang family will not let him go anywhere. From now on you will be a widow!”

“So, for our Bai family, hand over the prescriptions obediently! Otherwise, your family will never get a penny!”

The word of Bai Yan like a knife, wounded Elvira’s heart.

And Harper also sneered, and said mercilessly:

“Elvira, hand over the prescription! Otherwise, the Huang family will not let Shaun go, nor you!”


This sentence made Elvira’s body shake and almost collapsed on the ground.

Is Shaun finished?

Then your family completely gone.

Elvira at this moment is like a helpless and desperate little girl in a storm.

She missed Shaun. She felt that perhaps only Shaun in the world could bring her warmth.

And at this moment!

“Huang Family? What kind of thing is that!”

When this familiar voice sounded, Elvira’s body trembled fiercely, and she looked out the door with tears in her eyes.

Huang Family, what is that!

When this arrogant and words entered the main hall, not only Elvira was surprised, but the rest of the Bai family were also shocked.

This voice…

The complexions of Harper, Bai Yan, and others changed, and they couldn’t help but stare at the door, their eyelids jumping wildly.

No…it can’t be that guy, isn’t that guy in jail?

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