Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

“Second brother, why are you here?” Bai Shan’s complexion changed instantly.

Last time, Shaun expelled the Shirakawa family from the house.

But now that all Shirakawa’s family have arrived, Baishan understands that this is a disaster.

“We are here to kill the Bai family!” Shirakawa’s complexion was filled with a thick sneer.


This sentence made the Bai family members complexion instantly change, and Mr. Bai said with a gloomy face:

“Second son, what do you mean by this sentence?”

“Father, Elvira and Bai Shan didn’t tell you? Then Shaun not only beat Huang Tao and was arrested, he even blatantly took the gun and attacked the police!” There was a thick spiteful smile on Bai Chuan’s mouth.

But his words caused the Bai family to completely blow up the pot.

Take the gun and attack the police?

This is a serious crime. If it is not handled well, it will even directly affect the Bai Group. If it is investigated from above, the impact will be extremely bad.

Mr. Bai’s complexion became more and more ugly.

If you say, he was hesitant before, whether to save Shaun or not.

So now, he had completely abandoned Shaun in his heart.

“Father! Shaun is over, so I suggest that Elvira should be removed from the post of president and transferred to Harper!”

The Shirakawa language is not surprisingly endless, and continued:

“In addition, Shaun must have told Elvira about the prescriptions and development methods of the Resurrection Pill! Therefore, let Elvira hand over the prescriptions and development methods and resign as president!”


This sentence stunned all the Bai family members.

Everyone started to shake in an instant.

After all, they had made Elvira the president before because of the prescriptions and development techniques in Shaun’s hands.

And now, Shaun is completely useless.

So as long as Elvira is forced to surrender prescriptions and research methods, they will benefit the Bai Group without any harm.

this moment.

The most excited are uncle Haibai and Harper.

They did not expect that the Shirakawa family would come to support themselves, and as soon as they came up, they threw such an explosive suggestion.


Harper’s breathing became heavy.

He gratefully nodded to his second uncle Shirakawa, and then said seriously to Grandpa Bai:

“Grandpa, you heard it too! Shaun is seeking his own death, and it is not a pity to die! Our Bai family, there is no need to make the future for such a waste!”

“So, abandoning Shaun and letting Elvira hand over the prescriptions and development techniques is the best choice.”

The uncle Haibai on the side also quickly said:

“Dad! Don’t hesitate! The third family is now doing nothing but harm to our Bai Group!”

“As long as they hand over the prescriptions and development techniques, our Bai family will not treat them badly!”

“Besides, Elvira is a woman after all, how can she be able to get a lead!”

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