Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

He glanced indifferently, Zhong Bin, who was stunned on the ground, smiled at the corners of his mouth, but cold and cold:

“I reminded you that you can’t afford the consequences!”


Shaun led a group of big brothers and walked outside.

Only Zhong Bin with his face as gray as death, and the sword master with his face like a god…

Today in Bai family there is hustle and bustle.

Grandpa Bai, Uncle Haibai, Sanye Baishan, Harper, Elvira and others gathered together.

The atmosphere is depressing and solemn.

“Grandpa, please, help Shaun! He has written the prescription for the resurrection pill, he is the hero of our Bai family!” At this moment, Elvira begged the grandfather Bai bitterly.

She and her father Bai Shan have been begging for an hour.

Even her throat had begun to hoarse, but Mr. Bai still not saying a single word.

“Elvira…Ah!” Mr. Bai looked at his granddaughter and couldn’t help but sighed long.

Although he is patriarchal, he still loves his granddaughter very much.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to tolerate Shaun for so many years.

It’s just that this matter is too big.

The person Shaun offended was Huang Guosheng, the largest medicinal material manufacturer in Jiang City.

Once the Huang family was angered and the supply of medicinal materials to the Bai’s Group was stopped, the pharmaceutical department of their Bai’s Group would not survive too.

Too much loss…

Seeing the embarrassed look on the face of Mr. Bai, Harper on the side could not help but stand up and said with a sneer:

“Elvira! Even if you ask Grandpa, it’s useless!”

“Your husband Shaun, this time has caused a big disaster. The power of the Huang family is not weaker than our Bai family! Especially Huang Guosheng, who is domineering and extremely short-sighted, you husband dared to beat his son Huang Tao, how could he not retaliate? !”

After saying this, Harper said to seniors of the Bai family:

“I advise everyone to abandon Shaun and let him fend for himself! We should apologize to the Huang family!”

“Only this way, we can save our face!”


As soon as these words came out, Elvira’s face changed drastically.

Abandon Shaun?

How could she be willing!

“No! Shaun didn’t beat Huang Tao, this is a trick! Huang Tao must playing a trick because Mr. Yang joined our Bai Group for free, so that he resented and framed drama against Shaun!”

“How can our Bai family abandon him?”

In Elvira’s beautiful eyes, crystal clear tears continued to roll down.

It’s just more than that.

“We must end relation with Shaun, otherwise our Bai family will be in disaster!”

A voice resounded from outside the door.


Hearing this, everyone’s gaze swept toward the door and suddenly saw Erye Shirakawa walking in with his daughter Bai Yan and son-in-law Ma Zhitao.

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