Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1052

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Chapter 1052

After making clear porridge for Qiulian mother and son, she hurried to the hospital.

Irene hugged his arms at the elevator door of the hospital, watching with deep resentment as Jacob stepped forward.

Last night, she was so drunk, but he left behind her so drunk.

In the middle of the night, Irene cried sadly without seeing him.

How indifferent is he to her, so that he will give her a bit of care?

Jacob walked up to her, glanced at her lightly, and then walked past her into the elevator.

The ice shrouded on him and the distance in his eyes made Irene puzzled.

Their relationship has just improved a bit, but why did it suddenly drop to freezing point inexplicably?

In the elevator, the two of them did not speak, and the atmosphere became very depressing.

“Hey, don’t you know how to say hello to the boss?” Irene had to speak first to break the silence.

Jacob’s face was paralyzed, and he glanced at her obscurely, but said nothing.

“Last night, you were too innocent of a gentleman. How could you leave the drunk female boss alone at home? And still the beautiful and beautiful boss. You are not afraid that I will be in danger?” Irene asked. .

“But if I stay with you, I’m even less safe.” Jacob said.

Irene: “…”

“You have the bad ailments of drunkenness, did you know? Remember to give up drinking later.” He said coldly.

It seemed that after instigating her out of moral justice, she had a face that had been paralyzed for thousands of years and never spoke.

“You don’t… are you angry with me?” If you didn’t know her enough, Irene would really not have thought that this guy was sulking.

In the past, she took a picture with a girl who had her hair cut short and had a neutral appearance. She thought he would see that she was a girl with her eye-eyed eyes. Who knew that he started to get sulking after seeing the photo.

He ignored her for three days.

She was young then. It is normal for people who only think that he is under too much pressure at work, and that people who cherish words like gold do not speak.

Who knew that after three days he couldn’t bear the cold war himself, and ran to her, holding her to tell his grievances: “I’m jealous, can’t you tell?”

She was so shocked that after interrogating the details, she knew that the jealous king was jealous with her girlfriend.

After she explained to him with a smile, he completely corrected the bad ill of sulking cold war.

Because he discovered that she was nervous and he was angry about the cold war or something, don’t expect her comfort at all.

Unexpectedly, after this guy lost his memory, this bad problem came back again.

But this time, why is he angry with her?

Why does she never find the reason every time he gets angry?

“Why are you angry?” She reached out and pulled at his sleeve.

He withdrew his hand, just ignoring her.

He can’t tell her!

It’s absurd for him to eat the jealousy of other women.

But Jacob was very depressed. This devil could tell at a glance that he was angry with her?

She really don’t know how these Fire Eye Jingjing were cultivated!

If he didn’t speak, Irene could only guess.

“I know, you must be jealous.”

Apart from being jealous, she had never seen this virtue before.

Jacob’s long back was slightly stagnant, and a touch of shock slipped through his heart.

This, why was she guessed again?

“Brother Ayue. I only have feelings for you.” Irene confessed with a thick face.

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