Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 870

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Chapter 870

This is incredible.

At this moment, in the entire Bai family courtyard, the needle drop silence fell, and almost everyone could hear their heartbeat. This depressed feeling made every Bai family’s scalp numb.

Even Mr. Bai swallowed fiercely and asked with a trembling voice:

“Harper, what about Shaun?”

“Is he got punished?”


This word made everyone’s hearts tremble fiercely.

Especially, they saw Harper’s face full of ghosts and said:


“Leng Aotian, Helenshan, and President Leng Kang, personally apologize to Shaun…!”



After hearing this sentence, all the family members around were dumbfounded.

“How is it possible? Leng Aotian and Helenshan are great masters, and Leng Kang is also the president of Shengshi Group! How could such person apologize to Shaun, who is just a waste!”

“Yeah! Harper, are you wrong! Leng Aotian was there to kill Shaun. How could they apologize to that waste!”

“Oh my God! What happened! How could this be!”

At this moment, after listening to Harper’s words, the entire Bai family courtyard was completely exploded.

There was a deep unbelievable flash on everyone’s face, and they couldn’t even believe what they heard.

Even Mr. Bai had a cracked scalp and hurriedly asked:

“Harper! Why! What did Shaun do? How could Leng Aotian apologize to him?”

At this moment, Mr. Bai was almost suffocated with fright.

And seeing this scene.

Harper frowned and said incredibly:

“Grandpa! I don’t know the specific reason! But according to Leng Aotian and the others, it seems to be Elvira!”


This sentence made everyone even more confused.

Elvira is very capable, which is recognizable.

But no matter how capable she is, she is just a small president of a newly established company, nothing more.

What qualifications does she have to let the great master bend down and let the president of Shengshi surrender?

Not waiting for everyone to ask.

Harper frowned and said:

“However, I feel that things are far from that simple!”

“Because I found that, whether it was Leng Aotian, Helenshan, or Shengshi President Leng Kang, although they keep thinking about Elvira, they seem to be even more afraid of Shaun!”

“It seems that Shaun has a terrible background!”


Harper’s words were even more like a bomb, making everyone in the Bai family completely confused.

More afraid of Shaun?

Two great masters, a big president!

How could such characters be afraid of trash?

This… how is this possible?

Everyone felt as their hearts are about to blast.

Even Mr. Bai was dripping with cold sweat.

“Harper, how is the situation now?”


That’s right, what everyone cares most about is the situation of the New Bai Group!

And after listening to what Harper said, each of the Bai family members almost fainted.

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