Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1054

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Chapter 1054

“Ayue, is your heart eaten by a dog? My sister treats you, but she gave you all her heart. Ask yourself, is there anyone in this world who treats you better than her?”

“Your son is sick, and my sister donated blood to him. She is a magnificent president of Asia, worth trillions of dollars. Do you think her kindness is casually sent? It is not because of you that she will love the house and Wu… But this is how you reciprocated her love for him?”

Irene was furious.

Irene was afraid that Irene and Jacob would fight, and quickly pulled Irene away.

“Brother, let’s go.”

Irene angrily said: “What are you doing to pull me? You let me beat him up, wouldn’t it be okay to vent your anger for you?”

“His bad virtue was spoiled by you. In this imperial capital, who the hell would dare to kick his nose in front of you?”

Irene’s sullen voice drifted away.

Jacob also gradually calmed down at this moment.

In fact, after he said that, he immediately regretted it.

Now that Irene was crying like a child, she was upset.

In fact, he didn’t blame her for taking the tiger child. However, he did have anger towards her in his heart. Ever since he heard her call “Brother Jie” last night, he has been holding back a wave of anger and has nowhere to vent.

And just now, his backlog of anger finally broke out.

He knows that he is playing on the subject!

Qiulian was too scared to cry.

“Let’s go.” Jacob said with a gloomy face.

Taking Qiulian to the intensive care unit, the doctor prevented them from going in to visit the child.

“The child is in critical condition. When his condition stabilizes, you can go in and visit him again.”

Qiulian refused, and shouted, “If you can’t see the child, who knows what happened to the child?”

Irene walked out and directly ordered the nurse next to her, “Pull her away. No noise in front of the intensive care unit.”

Jacob looked at Irene’s red eyes, feeling particularly uncomfortable in his heart.

He wanted to say something to appease her, but Irene ignored him at all and turned around and entered the monitoring room.

Irene’s imposing voice soon came from the room, “Check me, where did the doctor on duty die yesterday?”

Jacob didn’t intend to pursue the responsibility of the hospital, but she didn’t expect that she would investigate it to the end.

In the monitoring room, Irene personally sat on the computer Pingshan to check the situation last night.

Finally, she discovered the anomaly.

Qiulian carried the baby out of the hospital in the middle of the night.

An hour later, he hugged the child back in a panic. At exactly this time, the doctor on duty went to the bathroom.

Irene stood up with a sullen face, and when she walked out of the monitoring room, it was as if she was leaning over the Shura demon, violent and fierce.

When Irene appeared in front of Jacob Qiulian, Qiulian was frightened by her eyes and kept hiding behind Jacob.


She tightly grasped Jacob’s hand for protection.

Jacob frowned and looked at Irene puzzledly.

Could it be that she came back to find him to settle the account?

She beat him and scolded him, as long as she can relieve her anger, he will follow her.

Who knows, Irene walked up to him and coldly ordered: “Get away.”

Only then did Jacob know that she came with full of anger and came for Qiulian.

But Qiulian is innocent…

Irene suddenly pushed him away, reaching out and grabbing Qiulian’s hand. The action is extremely grumpy.

“Irene, what are you going to do?” Jacob rebuked loudly.

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