Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1055

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Chapter 1055

Irene glared at him angrily, then rudely pulled Qiulian to the wall against the courtyard rules.

“Do you recognize words?” Irene scolded.

Qiulian was trembling all over by her aura, and stammered: “I will recognize some of it.”

“Article 5 of the House Rules. Read it to me.”

Qiulian stammered: “Patient…During the patient’s stay in the hospital, there is no hospital…permitted, and you are not allowed to leave the hospital for half a step. If you leave the hospital without authorization, you will be responsible for all consequences.”

“Do you know what this sentence means?” Irene roared.

Qiulian shrank her neck and dared not speak.

Jacob’s pupils squinted, Irene’s move hides deep meaning.

Irene pulled Qiulian in front of Jacob, probably because she was still angry with him, so she was very alienated from him.

“Your wife secretly took the child out of the hospital at three o’clock in the morning last night. An hour later panicked and hugged the injured child and came back to the doctor. The doctor went to the bathroom, but she was ostentatiously exaggerating to leave the job without permission.”

At the end, she added a pissed sentence, “If you are suspicious of me, you can go to the surveillance room to check the video record.”

Jacob looked at Qiulian in disbelief, and scolded angrily: “In the middle of the night, what are you taking your children out for?”

Qiulian hesitated and said, “Huzi said he was bored, so I’ll take him out to absorb the fresh air.”

Jacob was so angry that he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Hehe.” Weakly sneered twice.

Irene said in a puff, “Go and go through the discharge procedures for the child immediately, you child, we can not treat the child.”

Qiulian collapsed to the ground in fright, and embarrassedly took Irene’s hand and pleaded bitterly, “I was wrong, President, please don’t let the tiger leave the hospital, I’ll kowtow to you.”

After talking about it, Qiulian really knocked her head to admit her mistake.

This time, it knocked hard and hard, and quickly became bloody.

Irene was indifferent.

Jacob stared at Irene, and realized at this moment that she would not be good to anyone for no reason.

“Qiulian, get up.” Jacob could see that even if Qiulian had died here, Irene would not be softened.

What she wants is for him to be soft to her.

Qiulian stood up tremblingly, “My husband, what should I do?”

Irene turned around when she saw his distressed Qiulian look.

Jacob’s long legs followed, and suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Irene, “Irene, what do you want?”

Irene turned around, her face still cold, “Your child will be buried with me if your child dies. I am the president of Uniasia, and support millions of people across the country. I dare not die. To protect myself, I can only ask you to Pick up your baby’s pimple.”

“Don’t be angry.” His Adam’s apple was a little hoarse, and there was a trace of annoyance in his voice.

Irene originally made up her mind secretly and ignored him, letting him know that she also has a temper, otherwise he thought she was HelloKitty, so he would do whatever he wanted to her!


Seeing the prince who used to be so powerful, but talking to him in such an almost flattering voice, her heart suddenly softened.

“Humph.” She snorted, expressing her dissatisfaction.

Then she said without any promise: “Don’t worry, I will not breathe an innocent child.”

The icy cold in Jacob’s voice disappeared, “I know.”

Irene explained to him out of breath: “The reason Huzi had this malignant condition was that he was injured outside and his blood clotting function was impaired. So there was a crisis.”

After speaking, she left him and left.

The cold air lingered in Jacob’s eyes, and the eagle falcon’s gaze slammed towards Qiulian.

Qiulian was trembling all over by his sharp stare. Jacob Yinyan walked towards her with a handsome face, holding back the anger from the bottom of his heart, and asked: “Aren’t you going to explain to me why you took the tiger out of the hospital?”

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