Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1056

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Chapter 1056

Qiulian timidly said: “Didn’t I already tell you?”

“What’s the matter with that kid’s injury?”

“I accidentally fell, but it’s just a small wound, no major problem.”

Jacob said angrily, “His blood coagulation function is malfunctioning, and minor injuries can be fatal, don’t you know?”

Qiulian said: “I know now.”

Jacob shook his head helplessly, “Ignorance.”

Then walk away.

Qiulian squatted on the ground embarrassedly. At this moment, all the disguise was torn apart when there was no one, and the panic in her eyes leaked out.

She also didn’t want to take the tiger out of the hospital in the middle of the night.

But the bastard man Ake, who didn’t know where he got the news of Huzi’s illness, suddenly called her and said he was going to see Huzi.

How could she let A Ke appear in the hospital, so that the matter between her and A Ke couldn’t be wrapped up in paper, and she was forced to be helpless before agreeing to A Ke to let him meet the tiger.

She thought Huzi was in a stable condition, and Akko would leave when he saw Huzi. Who knew Huzi would break his kneeā€¦

Qiulian can only lie to everyone.

Fortunately, she was hiding it.

Thinking of this, Qiulian felt relieved.

After eight hours of rescue, Huzi was out of danger.

Irene fixedly looked at Jacob sitting outside the guardianship room through the thick glass wall.

Seeing his worried face for Huzi, Irene felt like a knife.

She sighed heavily, and her desire to punish him disappeared.

He is tired enough, how can she put up her heart?

She bypassed the glass wall and walked to Jacob’s side, and said: “You can stay here to take care of the tiger these few days. You don’t have to worry about company affairs.”

Jacob nodded, “Thank you.”

Irene said, “We don’t need to say these two words between us.”

Jacob was slightly startled.

“Take care of your body.” After saying this, Irene turned and walked towards the elevator.

Jacob looked at her beautiful back, and suddenly Irene’s voice rang in his mind, “My sister treats you, but she gave you all her heart, how can you treat her like this?”

“His bad virtue was all spoiled by you. In this imperial capital, who would dare to put your nose on you?”

There was a hint of doubt in Jacob’s pupil.

“Irene, why should you be so good to me?”

A week later, Huzi’s condition basically recovered.

Maybe it was because he was extremely worried about Qiulian taking care of her children, maybe she wanted to escape Irene subconsciously. For seven days, Jacob stayed in the hospital to look after her son.

But Irene, as he wished, never appeared in front of him again.

Jacob originally didn’t like her croaking in front of him every day, but she suddenly disappeared into his life, but he felt inexplicably lost.

He finally understood that she had entered his heart unconsciously.

Missing sick.

Irene has not thought about food recently. The whole person was haggard for a long time.

Even though she missed him, but thinking that he was so cruel to her, Irene bit her silver teeth secretly and forced herself to hold back. The hot-faced and cold-a$s chasing method of chasing men were not only ineffective but also made herself look dignified.

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