Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1057

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Chapter 1057

The eighth day.

Jacob finally came to work.

As soon as he entered the lobby on the ground floor of Media Asia, he ran into a scene where Irene and Silvia were in a quarrel.

“President, why is the amount of money allocated to our Asia Tians department so much less this month?” Silvia questioned Irene indignantly.

Irene sternly said coldly: “Because your department did not achieve the expected goal. So the deducted bonuses will be transferred to those departments that exceeded the goal.”

Silvia was very unconvinced, “President, in the past three years you have been trying to reduce the size of our Tian’s family. Don’t think we don’t know what you think. Do you want our Tian’s family to disappear completely?”

Irene couldn’t bear it and said: “Our Tian family? Haha, Silvia, let me remind you that the Tian Group has changed its surname to Huanya three years ago. It is Huanya Tian.”

“That was what you tried to grab it.” Silvia said angrily.

Irene was pissed off by Silvia’s act of turning his arm out. She yelled at him: “Silvia, I think you are my half-brother, so I forgive you for your disrespect to me this time. If you dare to yell in front of me next time, I will never be merciless you!”

Silvia was photographed slightly by Irene’s powerful and invincible aura. But soon, he recovered his arrogant appearance.

He doesn’t understand Irene yet, but he is just a paper tiger.

Silvia glanced at the Jacob opposite, with an evil light in his eyes.

Not to be outdone, yelled, “Do you still have my brother in your eyes? You have only pretended that person in your heart. Since childhood, you have always looked after him. He asked you to annex other companies, and you would have a bloody rain. How many families are broken and unemployed because of the fishy wind?”

Jacob’s thin and charming lips evoked a self-deprecating sneer, and he really became a substitute for that person.

Stepping on the long legs, walked to the elevator.


There was a sudden explosion in the air.

Even if Jacob was so calm and relaxed, he couldn’t help but follow his reputation.

Irene glared at Silvia angrily, “Silvia, you don’t have the right to comment on me and his merits and demerits. I immediately go through the resignation procedures. I don’t want to see you in Media Asia again.”

Silvia “haha” sneered, “I was stabbed in the painful spot, didn’t it? You couple of gods and goddesses turned into Asura’s puppets in the end because you did too much!”

Irene flew a kick and put it directly on Silvia’s heart.

“Silvia, I think you are tired and crooked? The entire imperial capital. No one dared to entertain him in front of me, how dare you?” Irene’s face instantly became ugly.

Silvia knew at this moment that after she provoke Irene’s bottom line, the consequences seemed a little unpredictable. Angrily closed his owing mouth.

Irene sorted out her slightly messy suit, and walked towards the elevator door calmly.

Jacob looked at Irene’s dark expression, silently thinking that that talent is her taboo.

And what is he?

It’s just a clown.

When Irene walked up to him, Jacob said coldly: “Sisters and brothers are crippled, even Gongdouju is not so exciting!”

Irene stared at him speechlessly, “He found a wife who grew up eating black-hearted fodder. His wife founded a pocket company outside of Media Asia, and my husband lurked on Media Asia. He cooperated with both of us. He wanted to bully all day long I.”

Speaking of this, he laughed loudly, “But they didn’t know that the old lady was reborn as Pai Yao, she can only get in and can’t get out. She wants to move my cheese. That’s idiotic dreaming.”

Jacob can’t help but can’t help himself, he is a wise and calm person who can distinguish between public and private at any time.

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