Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1058

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Chapter 1058

“The shopping mall is like a battlefield, can you solve the problem with your mouth?” Jacob said.

Irene looked at him blankly, “Then do you have any good ideas?”

Jacob asked: “Are many companies like Tian’s acquired in Media Asia turned into departments?”

Irene nodded, “Fifty percent.”

Jacob pondered slightly: “The compatibility and coexistence situation like this will not last too long. If one day they collectively turn back, they will once be employees of Media Asia, and they will be very familiar with Media Asia’s operations and technology. Your love mind, I’m afraid you can’t hold onto such a large foundation.”

Irene vowed to say: “You can rest assured, as long as I am not dead, Media Asia will never lose it.”

Jacob’s eyes suddenly became cold, and this woman had a deep attachment to the founder of Media Asia.

Irene naturally adopted Jacob’s proposal. Immediately pondered: “I have to find a way to eliminate these rat sh!t.”

“I’m afraid you are too slow, they have already started an uprising.”

The elevator door opened, and Jacob left a word and strode away.

Irene looked at his back, feeling quite uncomfortable in her heart, always feeling that this guy seemed to wish that the destruction of Huanya would come soon.

“What mentality?” Irene sighed suddenly.

Back to the president’s office, Guan Xiao had been waiting for a long time.

Seeing Irene greeted him immediately, he handed Irene two folders: “President, I have planned two plans that are close to Qiulian. Could the president choose a more suitable plan?”

Irene opened the document and read it carefully.

One plan is to enter Qiulian’s home with the joy of moving.

One plan is to visit the tiger who has recovered and discharged from the hospital.

After closing the file, Irene thought for a while and said: “Going to Wei’an Garden to congratulate him on his housewarming may arouse his disgust. But if she visits the child, it will definitely please him.”

A grateful smile appeared on Guan Xiaojun’s face, “He loves children by nature, from his respectful teaching when he was young, to later nurturing the young lady, and then to the tiger now.”

Irene nodded, “Yes. Go and prepare more gifts for Huzi.”

Guan Xiao made it difficult, “President, I’m afraid I can’t do anything about it.”

Guan Xiao stood at thirty and had never had a girlfriend. Naturally, he, a straight man with advanced cancer, didn’t know how to please his children.

Irene thought for a while, and listed a series of toys on the blank a4 paper:

There are a variety of large-scale Lego puzzle games, as well as a brand-name log piano, Ocean World, and a brand of boys’ comfort clothing.

Irene lists all the toys that Jason Derek loved to play with when he was a child, and the clothing brands he loved to wear.

Then handed it to Guan Xiao, “Go buy it.”

Guan Xiao frowned slightly, these things were all made by Jas when they were young, and that Huzi is not his biological son…

Where does he deserve to enjoy the same treatment as Jas?

Irene seemed to see Guan Xiao’s thoughts and said, “Regardless of whether the tiger is her own child or not, she treats the tiger as her own flesh and blood. With her heart like this, how can we despise the tiger?”

A look of shame flashed through Guan Xiao’s eyes, “President, I know I was wrong.”

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