Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1059

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Chapter 1059

After Huzi was discharged from the hospital, Guan Xiao immediately summoned the important veterans of the company to visit Huzi at Wei’an Garden.

However, Irene flinched.

Thinking of Jacob’s indifference and estrangement towards her, she really didn’t have the courage to approach him like moths to the fire.

Before leaving, Guan Xiao asked Irene again and again, “President, are you really not going?”

Irene answered decisively, “No.”

After Guan Xiao left, Irene was lost again.

Seeing that Irene was in a bad mood, Irene sighed heavily and exhorted, “Still angry with him?”

Irene didn’t say anything, so she acquiesced.

Irene said: “That guy did say a little too much that day. But it is excusable. You don’t know, he has always been short-term without principles. He regards the tiger as his own son, and the tiger is in the wrong. I’m sorry, who else can I call if you, the president, do not have surgery?”

Irene stared at Irene in a daze, “Why do you say something nice for him?”

Irene said with emotion: “As long as I think of him giving up his life three years ago in exchange for the peace of so many people, I feel that any mistake he made now is worthy of forgiveness.”

“Irene, if he doesn’t have memory loss, he is still the man willing to pay his life for you! Are you really not going to forgive him?”

Irene’s eyes were tearful.

“I’m not angry with him. I just feel that it’s useless for me to walk around him every day.” Irene said helplessly.

“He has amnesia now, and he is married again. If you approach him this way, he will only disgust you.”

Irene sighed helplessly: “But if you don’t get close to him, you have no chance at all.”

Irene remembered that before, Brother Jue regarded her as a treasure, caring for her, loving her, and never let her be wronged.

He tolerated all her shortcomings.

The voice that pleased him when she was young lingered in her mind.

“Brother Jie, if I encounter any difficulties, don’t give up on me. OK?”

“The little cabbage I finally raised, why would I give up?” He rubbed her hair and smiled indulgently.

“In this life, I will never give up on you. Unless I die.” He said firmly.

Irene stood up suddenly and said, “Let’s go.”

Irene burst into a smile. “I’ll drive you.”

Wei’an Garden.

When Guan Xiao and the others rang the doorbell of Jacob’s rental room, Qiulian ran out to open the door.

“Sister-in-law, let’s take a look at Tiger.” Guan Xiao said.

Qiulian looked at the large gift bag each of them was holding, and smiled immediately. “All come in.”

Jacob sat next to the piano holding Huzi, and taught his children to play the piano.

Obviously, Huzi has no talent in this area.

A few messy notes popped up like noise.

“Go down and play.” Jacob put the children on the ground and walked over gracefully to greet Guan Xiao and them.

“Why are you here?” he asked with a sullen face.

It was originally a lively and extraordinary situation, because his words suddenly dropped to a freezing point.

Everyone dared not answer.

Jacob’s gaze swept over everyone’s face, and he didn’t see the face that he missed, and a touch of loss overflowed in his heart.

He said such ruthless words to her that day, she was afraid she gave up on him too?

His mood became very bad and he was very rude to Guan Xiao and them. “Put down the toy and leave. The child still needs to rest.”

Guan Xiao swallowed, and bit his scalp, “Ayue, we came to visit the child on the order of the president. You must let us see the child, so you can talk to the president later.”

“Yes, yes, if we don’t complete the task, Her Majesty will kill us.” The others agreed.

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