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Chapter 106

Grace sneered and said, “That’s right. Although we are a family, the family has to figure out the right and wrong accounts! Also, don’t open your mouth and call me an illegitimate daughter, am I an illegitimate daughter? You know better than anyone else.”

The stepmother hated the flames in her eyes.

Father Luo’s face was a little twisted, and said, “You should always agree to help Grace now, right?”

Grace paused, and said, “If you transfer all Grace to my name, it will be profit or loss in the future. It has nothing to do with you, right?”

Father Luo froze in place.

“Grace, do you want to annex Grace?” the stepmother tickled her teeth with hatred.

Grace said, “Isn’t this just what you want? Transfer all the debts to my head? You also know in your heart that if you accidentally take over Grace at this time, you will be dead. Do you want to accept my suggestion? Decided.”

“Haha.” A soft mocking sound came from the handrail upstairs.

Grace’s half-sister, Luo Shiyu didn’t know when she stood at the handrail, overlooking Grace. She was wearing a bright red pajamas, with a cigarette between her fingertips, her curly hair curled on top of her head, her style and elegance.

“Grace, you are really stupid and naive. Do you want to take advantage of Luoshi’s difficulties, the empty glove white wolf will take Luoshi as her own?” Luo Shiyu supported the railing and walked down gracefully.

Standing in front of Grace, she raised her hand and tried to slap Grace. However, Grace quickly held her wrist and said coldly.

“I just came back, so my sister welcomed me? How about your upbringing?”

Luo Shiyu mocked, “If you slap my mother, will you be educated?”

“Your mother is a young man robbing a man, is she educated?” Grace sneered.

Luo Shiyu was angry: “You…”

Grace threw away her hand in disgust, took out a tissue and wiped it.

Luo Shiyu glared at Grace angrily, turned and walked towards Father Luo:

“Dad, Rockwell is in difficulty now, but after you give Rockwell all to her, we will have nothing. I have a way to save Rockwell. I know Rockwell’s assistant to the president. As long as I go to him, let him Say good things to us in front of Young Master Zhan, and Young Master Zhan will definitely let him go.”

With that, Luo Shiyu’s bitter gaze suddenly turned to Grace.

“When the time comes, I will tell Shao Zhan myself that Grace is just a dog raised by our Luo family. And our Luo family has sent her out a long time ago. As long as I explain to Shao Zhan, he will definitely not treat Grace. Roche’s mistake was implicated.”

The vicious stepmother immediately agreed, “Yes, my husband, Shi Yu said it makes sense. Shao Zhan must be unaware of our Luo family’s situation, so he angered you. Just tell Shao Zhan the truth, and you send a legal statement. , Sever the relationship with Grace, it is impossible for Shao Zhan to be so insensitive.”

Father Luo became hesitant when he heard this.

Upon seeing this, the stepmother sneered at Grace, “Grace, don’t hurry up! Do you really think that we can’t leave you without Grace?”

Luo Shiyu also contemptuously said, “I really thought I was something on the table. Hmph, I’ve heard Guan Xiao say that Lord Zhan hates you deeply, so even if you give birth to a few children for him , Lord Zhan will still not let you into the door of Zhan’s house.”

Grace ignored Luo Shiyu, but looked at Luo’s father.

Father Luo finally nodded hard and said, “Shi Yu, Grace is dependent on you!”

Luo Shiyu looked like a rooster victorious, looking up at Grace arrogantly.

Grace pulled out a smile of unknown meaning: “It’s good to do it by yourself.”

Heh, the Luo family thought that they would be saved by Jacob’s assistant on the list?


The next day, Luo Shiyu dressed up in a gorgeous manner and went to meet her good friend Guan Xiao who she thought was very close.

“Shiyu, why did you come to Media Asia?” Guan Xiao actually knew her intention.

“Guan Xiao, I am here this time to ask you for something.” Luo Shiyu had no extra polite words, and said straight to the point.

Guan Xiao was a little bit interesting to her when he was in high school. Now, he is still unmarried, and Luo Shiyu thinks he should be interested in her.

Luo Shiyu is the kind of woman who is very beautiful and s**y, just like a natural stunner. And she is also very good at using beauty to get what she needs.

Guan Xiao said with embarrassment, “If you are begging me for Luo’s corporate crisis, I have nothing to do. But for the sake of our many years of friendship, you can go to Grace, as long as she promises to president to take the child’s custody and when the custody rights are transferred, the president will definitely let you Rockwell.”

Luo Shiyu’s face became embarrassed when she heard this, she just didn’t want to ask Grace, so she came to ask Guan Xiao.

Didn’t expect Guan Xiao to ask her to go back to ask Grace?

She has already praised Haikou in front of Grace and her parents. If she can’t save Grace, wouldn’t she be ashamed?

“Guan Xiao, I came to you when I was desperate. Please help me introduce Shao Zhan. I want to make it clear to him in person. Although Grace is my dad’s illegitimate daughter, she has been kicked out by my dad. The Luo family is back, Young Master Zhan has no reason to pass on his dissatisfaction with her to the innocent Grace——”

Guan Xiao said, “It’s useless if you tell Shao Zhan. In Shao Zhan’s eyes, the winner in the market is king and the loser is the bandit. What can you do?”

Luo Shiyu was originally full of confidence and was determined to come to Guan Xiao, but she didn’t expect to be blocked by Guan Xiao before seeing Shao Zhan, naturally unwilling.

“Guan Xiao, how are you willing to help me?” She suddenly lowered the neckline of the chiffon dress, her intention to seduce was very obvious.

Guan Xiao sighed silently, beautiful and self-loving girls are really rare species.

“Shiyu, you go back. Zhan Shao does not see any female visitors other than business partners.” After speaking, Guan Xiao left.
Luo Shiyu froze in the same place. She thought she was going to be the best one. Didn’t she expect that it would be so difficult to meet Shao Zhan?

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