Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

Jacob raised his personal grievances with Grace to the corporate sanctions of Media Asia and Grace, which made Grace very upset.

Although she hates Luo’s father, the employees of Rockwell are innocent. If Rockwell goes bankrupt, many employees will face unemployment.

Grace is naturally kind, and doesn’t want to create such a deep karma. Therefore, she rushed to Media Asia aggressively, looking for Jacob’s theory, but never wanted to collide with her disappointed sister Luo Shiyu.

Luo Shiyu looked at her sister who was dressed in shame. She admitted that Grace was not bad, but wearing clothes worth a few hundred yuan to appear in the gathering place of top-notch rich people like Media Asia, it was really grandma Liu’s entry into the Grand View Garden-shameful. .

“What are you doing here?” Luo Shiyu scorned Grace with her arms folded.

Grace had already guessed Luo Shiyu’s purpose for coming to Uni Asia, so she walked over and asked kindly. “Did he agree to let Locke go?”

A look of embarrassment appeared on Luo Shiyu’s face, she didn’t even have the chance to see Shao Zhan. Grace didn’t open or mention which pot was really a great humiliation to her.

Luo Shiyu looked at Grace’s stalls and slammed it disdainfully, “Grace, you came to Media Asia in such cheap clothes, do you want to lose the face of our Luo family?”

Grace straightened her back, “What I wear has nothing to do with you.” After saying this, Grace left Luo Shiyu and walked to the elevator.

Don’t be speculative!

Luo Shiyu hurried to catch up, “What are you going to do?”

When the two sisters entered the elevator, Luo Shiyu began to question Grace. Grace glanced at her and said lightly, “Go to Jacob!”

“Huh -” Luo Shiyu sneered. She felt that even the famous imperial beauty like her could not be favored by Zhan Shao, let alone Grace, a vulgar peasant girl who was not on the stage.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Shao Zhan has a bad temper. You are the woman who rushed to meet him without saying hello in advance, I’m afraid you will be thrown into the sea to feed the sharks.”

Grace said, “If you are afraid, leave quickly.”

Luo Shiyu thought for a while, raised her head, and said with arrogance, “You are not afraid of what I am afraid of? Maybe, after seeing Shao Zhan, I can say a few more good things for you, lest he embarrass you.”

Grace curled her lips and smiled, “I don’t know who will save whom?”

The elevator door dinged to the 9th floor of Media Asia. Luo Shiyu looked at the floor where the elevator was stagnant, wondering, “Hey, how did you know that Jacob’s office is on the ninth floor?”

“I have come.” Grace walked out of the elevator and walked straight to Jacob’s private office.

Luo Shiyu was afraid of falling behind and ran up quickly.

Standing at the door of the president’s office, Grace suddenly stopped and took a few deep breaths, seeming to be preparing for a fierce and protracted battle.

“Why, scared?” Luo Shiyu’s heart jumped abruptly, but she pretended to be upright and proud.

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