Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

Grace kicked open the office door swiftly-with a loud noise, Zhan Han, who was immersed in reviewing documents, raised his head swiftly.

Whenhe saw Sister Grace, her eyes became cold and fierce.

Grace walked up to him aggressively…

Luo Shiyu moved her small steps tremblingly, observing Jacob’s expression with fear. Seeing that he was just sullen and handsome, there was no greater reaction. She was unwilling to fall behind Grace and walked forward boldly.

Jacob raised his head, his breathtaking sharp eyes locked on Grace. Exit, the charming voice of Tian Lai revealed extraordinary confidence, “Grace, are you here to transfer Derek’s custody rights?”

Grace’s eyes aroused a touch of anger, “Jacob, you are mean. In order to get Derek’s custody, you actually impose economic sanctions on Grace?”

Jacob’s face was covered with a layer of frost, and angrily dropped the pen in his hand. I thought Grace obediently handed over Derek’s custody, but I didn’t expect that she came to Xingshi to inquire.

Courage is not small.

At this moment, Luo Shiyu regretted that her intestines were all blue. Originally thought that following Grace could get anything cheap, but she did not expect her to come to die. Seeing how scary Zhan Shao was angry, Luo Shiyu just wanted to find a place to escape.

“Luo’s mismanagement, facing bankruptcy, what to do with me?” Jacob’s tone was leisurely.

Grace was anxious and frustrated, “Jacob, you dare to do it or not!”

Jacob’s beautiful peach eyes that can confuse people’s hearts were instantly covered with ice. He stood up abruptly, his cold voice denouncing Grace’s original sins, “Grace, you slept with me, slapped me, splashed my tea, and scolded me—if I pay you back Being patient, will it appear that I am too kind to you? And will you be condoned by lawlessness, and will not put me in the eyes in the future!”

Luo Shiyu took a deep breath, looked at Grace in fright, cursing secretly in her heart, this woman will be completely offended by Zhan Shao, then isn’t she killed by him?

Grace looked at the man who was haunted by the breath of death, and said in her heart that it was false not to be afraid, but she stubbed her neck and treated her in a human way, “It’s you who are pushing people so hard, I slept with you,” Slapped you in the face and splashed your tea are all legitimate defenses. If I don’t defend, you…you thought I was a soft persimmon, just rub it.”

Jacob walked around from the desk to the outside, walked to Grace, and the condescending maid watched her. “Grace, Grace is ruthless and unjust to you, why do you plead for them instead of repaying your grievances with virtue?”

Luo Shiyu was horrified. Shao Zhan knew about the incompatible relationship between Grace and Luo Family. Then why did he anger Grace? “Young Master Zhan…Luoshi…and you…in the past, there is no grudge, but now, why do you…why did you want to block Luoshi?” Luo Shiyu knotted Asked stutteringly.

Jacob’s scornful gaze flicked over Luo Shiyu’s body, and he was disdainful of wasting his words for this kind of vase woman whose IQ was not online.

Grace was furious, “You spread our personal grievances to the shopping malls. At that time, many people will be unemployed because of us, and many families will face economic crisis because of us. War master, put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha, even for children Jade.”

An obscure expression appeared on Jacob’s face.

Grace continued, “I know your sinister intentions. No matter how bad the Luo family treats me, it is my root. If you pull out my roots, I will be a building without a cornerstone. The chance of a little girl turning over again is slim. I will never be able to compete with you for custody of Derek. Jacob, your intentions are not unrelenting.”

Grace clenched her fists and exclaimed angrily, “I didn’t expect you to be afraid of a little girl like me?”

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