Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 109

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Chapter 109

Jacob looked at the arrogant little woman in front of him, squeezing her mouth angrily, causing Grace’s mouth to be instantly clamped into a funny arc. “I’m afraid of your salted fish?”

Grace laughed wildly, “Salted fish sometimes turn around. I know, because I decoded the key of Kylin Network, are you afraid of me? Are you afraid that when I become stronger, I will have the strength to snatch Derek right?”

Her mouth was pinched by Jacob, and her words were a little vague, but her eyes were very proud and aggressive.

Jacob gazed at the woman who didn’t know the heights and heights in front of him sullenly, and sneered, “You think you want to surpass me just by knowing a little bit of hacking skills. You are a idiot dreaming.”

Grace is not idiotic dreaming.

She is not only a hacker, she is also the daughter of the Yan family, the management of the family business, grandfather has taught them siblings since childhood. And she is the most talented manager among the brothers and sisters, and even her grandfather admires her.

Knowing business management, adding top-notch hacking techniques, and establishing your own business kingdom is just a matter of time and opportunity.

“I’m not dreaming.”

“I’ll give you a shot, do you want to hold the earth up?” Jacob sneered at Grace’s big words.

“Warlord, don’t judge people by their appearance!”

Jacob felt that it was a waste of life to talk with someone like Grace who did not know what shame, and he was furious, “Grace, I leave you with dignity, but you are Jason. For Bao’s mommy. If you don’t have a bottom line to provoke me, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Grace lost consciousness for an instant.

She was originally curious. She really angered him out of control a few times in front of her. She thought he would take extraordinary measures against her, but in the end he swallowed his breath without any response.

Only today did he know that he was very kind to her because of Jason and Derek.

Grace suddenly smiled, and it turned out that this guy also has a scale. He loves his son deeply.

Jacob looked at the soothing Grace, always having a bad feeling.

“Master Zhan…My Nilin was never from the Luo family. But I seem to know what your Nilin is?” Grace was in awe.

Jacob looked at her and said coldly, “You dare to touch it and try.”

Grace certainly would not use her son to deal with this demon, after all, she also loves Jason and Derek. However, it seems to be fun to scare this man.

“Master Zhan, you should know the truth of the saying that the dog jumps the wall in a hurry. Don’t deceive others too much, naturally I won’t touch your negative scales.”

“What do you want?” Jacob asked angrily.

Grace had a leisure time and admired her nails, and said casually, “You are usually busy with business, so don’t waste energy on my body. Otherwise…”

Her expression became serious, “I took Derek to go abroad immediately. I let him accept Western culture, make Western girls, and make him a native Westerner.”

Jacob’s cold and handsome face did not get angry but smiled, “are you threating me?”

“Yes.” Grace raised her chest and said.

Luo Shiyu closed her eyes…Grace didn’t want to die, she still had the best plan to escape. “Young Master Zhan, I still have something to do, I’m leaving now…”

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