Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 81

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Chapter 81


Elvira’s words made Grandpa Bai and others heart sinking.

This is more than that.

Elvira continued:

“If you don’t do what Shaun said! Then from today, I will resign as president of the Bai’s Group and cut off the Huang Group’s supply of medicinal materials to the Bai’s!”

“And, take back our prescriptions and refining methods!”

As soon as these words came out, the faces of all the Bai family members turned green.

They couldn’t imagine that Elvira, who is usually obedient, will changed this way.

This almost killed the other Bai family memebers in short.

Especially Mr. Bai.

At this moment, he almost vomited blood with anger, his face turned blue and red, until Elvira felt serious, his whole body seemed to be a frustrated ball, and it instantly wilted:


“From today, the eldest family are expelled from the Bai family!”

After listening these words, as uncle Haibai and Harper were struck by lightning, the two of them fell to the ground one after another, their faces turned pale.

It’s over.

They are also… over!

Elvira and Shaun left the house.

But in the main hall of the Bai family, the atmosphere was depressing and dull.

The eldest Baihai and his family were all expelled from the family, and the second Shirakawa and his family were all imprisoned.

All the Bai family members never thought that this would end like this.

“Bai Hao, mobilize all contacts and check for me!”

Mr. Bai looked at the empty doorway, surprised and angry:

“How did Shaun get out of prison? How did the Huang family get knocked down?”

Shaun seized the gun and attacked the police, but nothing happened.

And the big family of the Huang family has been confiscated, which is simply unbelievable.

Heard this.

Immediately, a senior member of the Bai family started to make a phone call.

After a while, Bai Hao said to Mr. Bai:

“My grandfather, I’ve inquired clearly, these things really have nothing to do with Shaun! The Huang family was arrested entirely because Zhong Bin was embezzling the law and making money and killing people got exposed, and it is said that he offended a mysterious boss in the province! “

“That mysterious boss spoke, Provincial No.1 Liu Zhen, who personally ordered the investigation of the Huang family.”

Offended the mysterious boss in the province?

Hearing this news, the Mr. Bai was shocked, and there was a daze on his face:

“No wonder the Huang family collapsed overnight. That makes sense.”

“It’s just that mysterious boss, what exactly is his identity? It’s unimaginable to be able to command Number One and investigate it personally!”

Mr. Bai sighed.

After all, the status of Huang family is more than the Bai family, and an overnight investigation made him jealous and panic.

Especially the mysterious boss, who can command Liu Zhen.

This shows the horror of the other party’s identity.

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