Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

“The order continues. In the near future, all members of our Bai family must not cause trouble, otherwise, if they don’t open their eyes and provoke the mysterious boss in the province, I am afraid that our Bai family will be ruined too!”

Grandpa Bai’s face was solemn.

Bai Hao, who was on the side, quickly nodded and agreed, then hesitated for a moment before asking:

“Mr. Bai, how do you deal with Shaun? This kid forced the uncle away and arrested the second master.”


Hearing this name, Mr. Bai was so angry that his beard stood up, and he said with disgust:

“It’s okay, let him jump for a few days first.”

“When the resurrection pill is successfully developed, I will let this waste know who is the owner of this house!”

Grandpa Bai’s voice was icy.

Bai Hao and others on the side could not help but nod their heads. They could see that Mr. Bai was really angry.

When the resurrection pill is successfully developed, I am afraid that it will be the son-in-law who will come to the door.


If they knew that the trash in their mouths, it was the mysterious boss who commanded Liu Zhen to investigate the Huang family and made them all horrified and fearful. I wonder if these people will cry.

At the same time.

Shaun was driving the Mercedes Benz car towards the Liyuan Garden, slowly driving away.

Beside, Elvira and Baishan were still immersed in the shock.

Shirakawa was captured and Baihai was expelled.

Without spending a point, he obtained all the properties of the Huang Group.

This is definitely something that the father and daughter could not even dream of.

“Shaun, tell me, does this matter really have nothing to do with you?” Elvira looked at Shaun seriously.

Her instinct told her that this matter must have nothing to do with Shaun.

Not only her.

The father-in-law Baishan on the back seat also looked directly at his son-in-law, and he also felt that his son-in-law seemed to become more and more mysterious.

Seeing the expressions of the two, Shaun couldn’t help but smile:

“Wife, this matter really doesn’t have much to do with me. After all, I am just talking about it.”

Shaun didn’t lie.

He really just moved his lips.

However, when his lips twitched, he was afraid that the entire Jiangnan Province would collapse.


Elvira obviously believed in Shaun, and she couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief, with a smile on her face:

“It seems that this time, we are lucky. However, you must not be so reckless next time!”

Elvira looked at Shaun’s eyes, filled with tenderness.

Just at this moment.

When Mercedes reached at the door, the voice of his father-in-law Baishan trembled:

“Elvira, are we in the right place?”


Elvira got stunned for a moment, and then hurriedly looked out of the car, seeing the place, she was also confused, almost unable to believe her eyes.

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