Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 110

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Chapter 110

Before the polite words were finished, Jacob shouted at her, “Get out!”

Luo Shiyu stumbled in fright and ran out.

Grace and Jacob were left in the room, both of them stared at each other with angry eyes, the atmosphere was very depressing and tense.

“Grace, you dare to threaten me, do you know, I grow up so old, you are the first person to threaten me?” Jacob gritted his teeth.

Grace raised the beautiful Jiyue smile and said, “It’s an honor to be prepared!”

Jacob’s handsome face turned black, “If you want to leave the emperor, I will buy tickets for your mother and daughter! Derek, you will never take him with you.”

Grace laughed suddenly, laughing bitterly.

Jacob treats Jason Treasure as a gem, but he abandons their mother and daughter like a shoe. But Faith is his biological daughter after all. He is so indifferent and ruthless to her, is it too cruel to Faith?

“Master Zhan, I won’t give Derek to you.” Grace gritted her teeth.

Jacob sat back in the chair, restoring his natural and elegant look. “Let’s wait and see.”

Grace let out a cold snort and left angrily.

But as soon as she walked out of Jacob’s office, she received a call from her mother.

This was really unexpected. Ever since her mother transferred to Media Asia, she was controlled to death by Jacob. She cannot see her mother, she can’t even contact her.

Grace couldn’t wait to get on the phone and heard her mother’s grief voice, “Derek, Mom finally waited for a suitable kidney source, but the doctors of Media Asia told her mother that you are not willing to pay for the surgery. This operation can’t be done. Derek, is this true?

How can you be so unfeeling? If you don’t have any money, you sell the house in Fairview City. How can you die for me? Why is your heart so cruel? “

When Grace was about to defend herself, he heard the voice of the doctor condemning from the microphone of the other party, “Patient, you can’t be emotionally unstable. If your body indicators fluctuate abnormally, you will be in danger of life—”

Then, the mother’s call was interrupted.

The innocent Grace was mercilessly condemned by her mother, and suffered 10,000 points of harm in her heart. Grace slowly turned around. Watching Jacob come out of the office enthusiastically, she really rushed to tear in her mind.

Jacob walked leisurely in front of Grace, with the winner’s smile on his face, “How about, Grace, do you want to touch my negative scales? I’m waiting for you.”

When he passed her arrogantly, Grace suddenly stretched out her hand to hold his hand, her face was gray, and her tone became humble, “How can you let my mother go?”

“You know, I only need one thing, Derek’s custody.”

Grace stared at him suddenly…

For the custody of his children, he blocked Roche and even threatened his seriously ill mother. It’s utterly conscience.

Grace suddenly released her hand, staggering away step by step. Before the last moment, she was so stubborn that she didn’t want to admit defeat.

Jacob looked at the small and slender figure in the corridor, seeming to reveal infinite strength. His eyes became faint.

A salted fish, I want to see what you can save?

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